Amber: Diceless And Proud Of It


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I discovered Amber quite by accident, many years ago, when I picked up the Amber Diceless RPG on a whim in a small store in Leamington. A quick flip through the book showed me two things. First, it showed me that yes, diceless RPGs absolutely rule and secondly, that I absolutely had to pick up the books and read them before I tried to read the RPG any further!

I've loved both game and books ever since I first read them. They were with me through some of the best years of my life (particularly in University) and I'll always associate them with good things and good times. The game itself is elegant in its simplicity, based as it is almost entirely upon consensus rather than dice and charts. Some people can't hack diceless games, and I can appreciate that, even if I find them a wonderful innovation that can be either well done or poorly done. In Amber's case, we have one of the best.

The characters in Amber are immortal, powerful and have more control over the gameworld than characters do in any other game. Some Game Masters complain about this; I revel in it. There's something dynamic about this sort of a setup; and if you've never tried it, I'd recommend finding an Amber game and sitting in on it to get a feel for things. Just make sure you have good players to watch, or the game becomes very dull to observe.

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