It was one of those great stories
That you can't put down at night.
The hero knew what he had to do,
And he wasn't afraid to fight.
The villain goes to jail,
While the hero goes free.
I wish it were that simple
For me.

Phil Collins and David Crosby, "Hero"

My earliest writing was in collaboration with David Anastasion, and it's to him that I owe the encouragement and support to get me writing in the first place. Much of what we worked on has yet to appear anywhere, although it may someday in some form. The idea of Drifter and Windrider was one we developed together long before we ever even considered writing it into a story, but when I found the LNH on Usenet and decided to try writing, they had an opportunity to come to life.

Drifter is David's character, and most of these stories are told from his perspective. Windrider, a telepathic eagle and the primary character in many of my stories, is often in the background. These early stories are set in the Legion of Net.Heroes (LNH) universe, which is largely a parody of the Legion of Superheroes.

In these stories, and in all the rest of my stories featuring Drifter and Windrider, telepathic speech from Windrider is shown like ==this==, while telepathic speech from Drifter is shown like --this--. The possible significance of this choice is left as an exercise to for the reader.

These are our earliest stories, and therefore far from our best. We've definitely improved with time.

Arrival: Drifter and Windrider arrive in Net.ropolis and quickly encounter the low life. Contains strong language.

Introductions: As Drifter and Windrider meet the LNH for the first time, secret plans take shape.

Testing: An attack succeeds, and the heroes are scattered across the Net.

Interlude: Perhaps one of the most feared forces of chaos on the Net attacks the Legion. But who is behind him?

Diversions: In the final chapter, the villain stands revealed...or does he? And who is Killfile?

racc Vote Special: The creation of a newsgroup is perhaps the most monumental event on the Net. This story takes place slightly after the beginning of Interlude.

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