Pod::Thread Change History

2013-06-30  Russ Allbery

Build.PL: Pod::Thread 1.01 released.

t/docs/pod-spelling.t: Include the tools directory.
t/docs/pod.t: Likewise.
t/style/critic.t: Likewise.
t/style/minimum-version.t: Likewise. Also add the bin and examples directories.

bin/pod2thread: Update coding style for current Stanford standard.
lib/Pod/Thread.pm: Likewise.
t/output/basic.t: Likewise.

t/data/perl.conf: New test configuration.
t/pod-spelling.t: Move to...
t/docs/pod-spelling.t: ...here. Update to rra-c-util version.
t/pod.t: Move to...
t/docs/pod.t: ...here. Update to rra-c-util version.
t/synopsis.t: Move to...
t/docs/synopsis.t: ...here. Update to rra-c-util version.
t/lib/Test/RRA.pm: New helper module for standard tests.
t/lib/Test/RRA/Config.pm: Likewise.
t/basic.t: Move to...
t/output/basic.t: Here.
t/style/coverage.t: New test, taking over coverage testing from the strict.t test, which now only tests strict and warnings.
t/critic.t: Move to...
t/style/critic.t: ...here. Update to rra-c-util version.
t/minimum-version.t: Move to...
t/style/minimum-version.t: ...here. Update to rra-c-util version.
t/strict.t: Move to...
t/style/strict.t: ...here.

t/data/perlcriticrc: Update to current Stanford style.
t/data/perltidyrc: Likewise.
lib/Pod/Thread.pm: Remove now-unnecessary perlcritic overrides.

bin/pod2thread: Add new stopwords now that Test::Spelling ignores any local dictionaries.
lib/Pod/Thread.pm: Likewise.

tools/lib/Module/Build/SetVersion.pm: New Module::Build subclass that handles setting the version number in Perl modules during the build process.
Build.PL: Use Module::Build::SetVersion.
set-version: Delete.

Build.PL: New build system using Module::Build.
Makefile.PL: Delete.
VERSION: Delete. The version is now set in Build.PL.
scripts/pod2thread: Move to...
bin/pod2thread: ...here, to match the standard Module::Build package layout.

lib/Pod/Thread.pm (reformat): Remove single spaces at the start of lines in wrapped paragraphs, left behind due to Text::Wrap's lack of understanding of two spaces after periods.

lib/Pod/Thread.pm (output): Encode the output into UTF-8 if necessary. Fixes ISO 8859-1 non-breaking spaces left behind in thread output.

scripts/pod2thread (find_headings): Strip formatting codes from headings that will go into the table of contents or navbar. We don't have a way to format these, so the formatting codes would otherwise be left as literal strings.
lib/Pod/Thread.pm (cmd_head1): Strip markup from the head1 text before seeing if it's mentioned in the table of contents or navbar.

t/basic.t: Adjust non-numeric item test to force all item tags to be non-numeric, required by the current Pod::Simple.

2013-01-05  Russ Allbery

VERSION: Pod::Thread 1.00 released.

LICENSE: New file summarizing copyright and license information.
lib/Pod/Thread.pm: Minor copyright notice change to make it easier to parse.
scripts/pod2thread: Likewise.

t/strict.t: New test for strict, warning, and compilation of all Perl code, and for test suite coverage. The current coverage threshold is set quite low.

Makefile.PL: Declare the required version of Perl. Remove File::Spec dependency that's satisfied by that Perl version. Declare the package license.

set-version: New script to substitute the distribution version into the modules that make up the distribution.
Makefile.PL: Use set-version as a filter when building modules for installation.
lib/Pod/Thread.pm: Replace version with 0.0, since it will be replaced by set-version.

scripts/pod2thread: Add all supported command-line options to SYNOPSIS and standardize the formatting.

t/synopsis.t: New test for the syntax of SYNOPSIS code.

t/minimum-version.t: New test for the minimum required version of Perl.

scripts/pod2thread: Update coding style and formatting.
t/basic.t: Likewise.
t/critic.t: New test of coding style in all Perl code.
t/data/perlcriticrc: Test configuration for perlcritic.
t/data/perltidyrc: Test configuration for perltidy.

Makefile.PL: Remove conditionals on Perl 5.005, since Perl 5.8 is now required. Use angle brackets around my email address. Update coding style and formatting.

scripts/pod2thread: Remove the code to generate the #! line and supporting code and instead rely on ExtUtils::MakeMaker to handle that during package build.
scripts/pod2thread.PL: Renamed to pod2thread.
Makefile.PL: Remove PL_FILES and realclean.

lib/Pod/Thread.pm: Largely rewritten to use Pod::Simple and to update the coding style. Now also requires the Readonly module. This fixes a long-standing bug in formatting an =item that looks numeric but is intended to be text.
t/basic.t: Parsers can no longer be used for more than one document. Add new test for text =item that looks numeric.
Makefile.PL: Add Readonly to prerequisites and replace Pod::Parser with Pod::Simple.

2013-01-04  Russ Allbery

t/pod.t: New test for POD syntax.
t/pod-spelling.t: New test for spelling in POD documentation.
lib/Pod/Thread.pm: Add stopwords.
scripts/pod2thread.PL: Likewise.

lib/Pod/Thread.pm (seq_l): Only add angle brackets around a URL if there was no anchor text.
t/basic.t: Test URL rendering with and without anchor text.

2009-01-25  Russ Allbery

VERSION: Pod::Thread 0.12 released.

lib/Pod/Thread.pm (output): Print saved whitespace to the thread output as intended instead of to standard output.

lib/Pod/Thread.pm (cmd_item): Don't treat =item 0 as a bullet. Also improve the coding style.
t/basic.t: New file. Add test suite framework and test the =item 0 fix.

2008-11-12  Russ Allbery

VERSION: Pod::Thread 0.11 released.

lib/Pod/Thread.pm: Minor coding style updates: require Perl 5.006 and use "our" instead of "use vars".

2008-04-15  Russ Allbery

VERSION: Pod::Thread 0.10 released.

lib/Pod/Thread.pm (cmd_head1): Clear IN_NAME at the first =head1 that isn't NAME rather than leaving it set for the whole document.
(contents): Interpolate each heading before adding it to the contents section.
(navbar): Likewise before adding it to the navbar.

2002-09-15  Russ Allbery

VERSION: Pod::Thread 0.09 released.

lib/Pod/Thread.pm (preprocess_paragraph): Also escape square brackets using \entity.

VERSION: Pod::Thread 0.08 released.

lib/Pod/Thread.pm (seq_f): Tag with the class "file" for easier style sheet work.

lib/Pod/Thread.pm (cmd_over): Clear PENDING to allow for nested description lists.
(cmd_back): Re-establish PENDING here if we were inside a nested list.

VERSION: Pod::Thread 0.07 released.

lib/Pod/Thread.pm (cmd_item): Only consider an =item tag to be a bullet when it's literally *, allowing *Z<> to mark an =item tag that's a literal asterisk.

lib/Pod/Thread.pm (textblock): Use \class instead of \p.
(navbar): Likewise.
(contents): Use \number instead of \packnumber.

scripts/pod2thread.PL: Use Pod::Usage for pod2usage.

2002-09-11  Russ Allbery

VERSION: Pod::Thread 0.06 released.

lib/Pod/Thread.pm (begin_pod): New function. If title was set, output the header and title information right away.
(verbatim): Make sure that verbatim blocks end with two newlines.
(textblock): For NAME sections, use the id variable if set and output the navigation bar or table of contents if requested. Handle multiple comma-separated page names before the dash in the one-line description.
(preprocess_paragraph): Search for CVS Id strings only if the id variable isn't already set.
(cmd_head1): Only treat NAME as special if title isn't set, and if contents or navbar are set, add target attributes to the top-level headings.
(seq_l): If contents or navbar are set and the link is to an internal section that matches one of our top-level headings, make it a real link now that we can.
(contents): New function.
(navbar): New function.
(heading): Handle target attributes.

scripts/pod2thread.PL: Add support for -c and -n to set contents and navbar variables for Pod::Thread accordingly. If we have to scan the POD file, also look for CVS Id tags and set the id variable for Pod::Thread. Support the -t flag.
(find_headings): New function, called to find top level headings.

2002-06-29  Russ Allbery

VERSION: Pod::Thread 0.05 released. Make the package version number match the module version.

scripts/pod2thread.PL: Add a reference to the package web page to the documentation.

lib/Pod/Thread.pm: Strip the entities table down to just mappings for entities that don't exist in HTML 4.0. Add a reference to the web page to the documentation.
(interior_sequence): Pass all entities not found in the stripped table along to spin as \entity commands.

2002-06-28  Russ Allbery

VERSION: Pod::Thread 0.03 released.

lib/Pod/Thread.pm (preprocess_paragraph): Munge the Id tag in the source so that CVS doesn't get too smart.
(reformat): Don't forcibly break long lines. It causes bogus spaces in the XHTML output of spin.

VERSION: Pod::Thread 0.02 released.

lib/Pod/Thread.pm (preprocess_paragraph): Be more conservative about what we recognize as an Id tag in the input.

2002-06-27  Russ Allbery

VERSION: Pod::Thread 0.01 released.

lib/Pod/Thread.pm: New file.
scripts/pod2thread.PL: New file.
Makefile.PL: New file.

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