cl2xhtml Change History

1.12 (2021-03-27)

Update another occurrence of my email address.

Lines changed: +2 -2

1.11 (2021-03-27)

Port to Python 3. Update copyright dates and my email address.

Lines changed: +29 -29

1.10 (2013-01-03)

Support multi-author changelog headings. While this isn't in the GNU standards documentation, the convention is to represent changes with multiple authors by using multiple heading lines with the same author and email format, just omitting the date in each subsequent line. This is now transformed into a list of authors separated with "and" and commas.

Lines changed: +39 -14

1.9 (2011-12-25)

Update URL to GNU standards document.

Lines changed: +2 -2

1.8 (2008-07-24)

Assume ChangeLog input is in UTF-8 and declare UTF-8 as the character set for generated XHTML.

Lines changed: +8 -5

1.7 (2006-12-03)

Add support for adding ViewCVS links to the XHTML output. The file is linked to the general ViewCVS page for that file, and if there are version numbers in the ChangeLog in parentheses (such as the output format of cvs2cl --revisions), they will be linked to the diff for that revision.

Improve the ChangeLog parser to deal with comma-separated files and comma-separated functions (the latter still can't be split across lines, but the GNU ChangeLog standard prohibits that anyway).

Recognize timestamps in the ChangeLog date lines and include them in the date class rather than putting them with the author class. The GNU ChangeLog format doesn't support timestamps, but cvs2cl generates them.

Much of this work is heavily based on work by Dave Elcock.

Lines changed: +190 -78

1.6 (2003-07-09)

Use   instead of   after the date in the change headers since the available TrueType fonts on Linux don't appear to include  , resulting in a very strange glyph.

Lines changed: +4 -4

1.5 (2002-09-15)

Use triple single quotes instead of triple double quotes for the page header and remove the <?xml-stylesheet> directive since it doesn't really fit with Appedix C XHTML 1.0.

Lines changed: +3 -4

1.4 (2002-06-29)

Add a <meta> tag specifying the character set to the <head> and move the generator comments down below <head> so as not to trigger a bug in IE.

Lines changed: +4 -3

1.3 (2002-06-28)

Add references to the XHTML standard and my web tools page to the SEE ALSO section.

Lines changed: +6 -1

1.2 (2002-06-26)

Added the usage function and full documentation.

Lines changed: +125 -2

1.1 (2002-06-25)

Initial working version.

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