wallet Thanks

To Roland Schemers for the original idea that kicked off this project and for the original implementation of the leland_srvtab system, which was its primary inspiration.

To Anton Ushakov for his prior work on Kerberos v5 synchronization and his enhancements to kasetkey to read a key from an existing srvtab.

To Jeffrey Hutzelman for his review of the original wallet design and multiple useful discussions about what actions and configurations the wallet would need to support to be useful outside of Stanford.

To Huaqing Zheng, Paul Pavelko, David Hoffman, and Paul Keser for their reviews of the wallet system design and comments on design decisions and security models.

To Jon Robertson for the refactoring of Wallet::Kadmin, Heimdal support, many of the wallet server-side reports, the initial wallet-rekey implementation, and lots of work on object and ACL types including nested ACLs.

To Bill MacAllister for Wallet::Kadmin::AD and the implementation of keytab object types backed by Active Directory.

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