(Wallet Kerberos administration API for Active Directory)


    my $kadmin = Wallet::Kadmin::AD->new;
    $kadmin->create ('host/foo.example.com');
    my $data = $kadmin->keytab_rekey ('host/foo.example.com');
    $data = $kadmin->keytab ('host/foo.example.com');
    my $exists = $kadmin->exists ('host/oldshell.example.com');
    $kadmin->destroy ('host/oldshell.example.com') if $exists;


Wallet::Kadmin::AD implements the Wallet::Kadmin API for Active Directory Kerberos, providing an interface to create and delete principals and create keytabs. It provides the API documented in Wallet::Kadmin for an Active Directory Kerberos KDC.

AD Kerberos does not provide any method via msktutil to retrieve a keytab for a principal without rekeying it, so the keytab() method (as opposed to keytab_rekey(), which rekeys the principal) is implemented using a local keytab cache.

To use this class, several configuration parameters must be set. See "KEYTAB OBJECT CONFIGURATION" in Wallet::Config for details.


Currently, this implementation calls an external msktutil program rather than using a native Perl module and therefore requires msktutil be installed and parses its output.


msktutil, Wallet::Config(3), Wallet::Kadmin(3), Wallet::Object::Keytab(3), wallet-backend(8)

This module is part of the wallet system. The current version is available from <https://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/software/wallet/>.


Bill MacAllister <whm@dropbox.com> and Russ Allbery <eagle@eyrie.org> and Jon Robertson <jonrober@stanford.edu>.

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