distribrc Change History

1.0 (2013-01-18)

Minor documentation formatting improvements. Add the copyright and license to the documentation, and add a pointer to my scripts page.

Lines changed: +16 -3

0.7 (1997-05-19)

Removed the Fcntl use, which is no longer necessary, added support for the SKELDIR environment variable (and documentation of same), trimmed down the importation lists, and required 5.004 for "for my $variable (@list)" construct.

Lines changed: +13 -9

0.6 (1997-05-08)

Fixed a couple of typos in the documentation, fixed the --version flag.

Lines changed: +9 -8

0.5 (1997-05-07)

Added documentation, now support long options, changed the order of the source and destination files in the file set to be more intuitive, added --help and --version options.

Lines changed: +184 -35

0.4 (1997-05-07)

Complete rewrite, now supports a time database so that it knows when it last forwarded a given rc file to a given host, changed the database format and the default path names and file names, allowed the destination name to be different than the source name, allowed ~ and absolute paths in the source name, better error handling, added a -f option to force distribution even if the times file would normally indicate that this shouldn't be done, now support -m and listing individual files at the same time.

Lines changed: +139 -41

0.3 (1996-09-28)

Added support for a -n option to print the commands but not actually do any of them and support for kicking out just one dotfile. Also added includes in the list of dotfile sections.

Lines changed: +14 -5

0.2 (1996-09-28)

Modified to read the database from a file and to allow distribution to only one host rather than all at once.

Lines changed: +19 -31

0.1 (1996-09-28)

*** empty log message ***

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