User-Visible rra-c-util Changes

rra-c-util 10.4 (2023-03-31)

Add serial numbers to every Autoconf macro provided by this package. This enables nicer behavior in Automake's aclocal tool, specifically improved --install and --diff behavior, if the rra-c-util macros are on the aclocal search path.

Hopefully really fix the portable/getnameinfo test to skip checks when resolves to a hostname. Thanks again, Julien ÉLIE.

Update perltidy rules with two new flags added in 20230309 that remove the newline between a closing paren and opening brace or a closing brace and a continuation such as an or statement. Thanks, Julien ÉLIE.

rra-c-util 10.3 (2022-12-25)

Add new Perl module test that uses Test::Kwalitee.

perl/MANIFEST.SKIP is now suitable for copying as-is into Perl module packages as a default MANIFEST.SKIP.

Fix the portable/getnameinfo test to skip some checks when resolves to a hostname. (Alas, someone was weird enough to put it in DNS.) Thanks, Julien ÉLIE.

Fix AS_CASE syntax in RRA_PROG_CC_FLAG and RRA_LIB_KAFS. Thanks, Julien ÉLIE.

Avoid deprecated test -a syntax in systemd.m4. Thanks, Julien ÉLIE.

rra-c-util 10.2 (2022-05-08)

Add new RRA_LIB_PCRE2 and RRA_LIB_PCRE2_OPTIONAL macros that detect version 2 of the PCRE library (the current supported version). PCRE version 1 has been deprecated; users should switch to PCRE2. RRA_LIB_PCRE_OPTIONAL will likely be dropped in a future version of rra-c-util.

Fix portable/sd-daemon.h on systems that do have libsystemd. The GCC pragmas to set visibility were in the wrong place, causing link failures with libsystemd.

Update perlcritic and perltidy rules to tweak Perl formatting and to not count the $self parameter when imposing a limit on the number of arguments that can be passed to a method.

Drop workarounds for old perltidy and Perl::Critic::Community versions. Assume that perltidy as run by Test::Perl::Critic now handles read-only directories correctly. Optionally depend on Perl::Critic::Community instead of Perl::Critic::Freenode.

Mark allocation functions in C support libraries with their corresponding deallocation functions so that GCC 11 and later can diagnose memory deallocation bugs.

Document the dependency some Autoconf macros have on the macros provided by pkg-config.

Ignore some more PHP and Python files in the docs/spdx-license test.

rra-c-util 10.1 (2021-12-25)

Fix IN6_ARE_ADDR_EQUAL Autoconf probe on macOS, where it needs an include of string.h. Patch from Julien ÉLIE.

Fix RRA_PROG_CC_FLAG and RRA_PROG_LD_FLAG for Clang. Previously they would not reject unknown flags since unknown flags to Clang are only a warning by default. Thanks, Julien ÉLIE. (#9)

Disable vertical code alignment in perltidyrc. Code that should be aligned should use the magical #<<< comments. The default alignment is much too aggressive and makes the formatting unstable.

Disable -Wreserved-identifier in RRA_PROG_CC_WARNING_FLAGS for Clang, since it produces false positives with FD_ZERO and similar macros defined in system headers under Clang 13.0.

Update .clang-format for Clang 13.0.

rra-c-util 10.0 (2021-10-17)

Remove the RRA_SET_LIBDIR macro. I believe it was only used for PAM module packages, and its logic is now incorrect on Debian usrmerge systems. My PAM module packages will instead document that setting --libdir manually to specify the correct PAM module path is likely to be necessary.

Fix RRA_SET_LDFLAGS to always use the multilib directory (lib32 or lib64) if it exists, even if the system does not (as with Debian derivatives) use multilib. Hopefully fixes detection of the library path for OpenSSL 3.0. Thanks, Julien ÉLIE.

Update RRA_LIB_PYTHON to use sysconfig by preference and only fall back on distutils.sysconfig if sysconfig is not available, since distutils.sysconfig has been deprecated in Python 3.10.

Fix probe for SUN_LEN on macOS X Big Sur. Thanks, Julien ÉLIE.

Add support for testing different arguments to pam_end, such as PAM_DATA_SILENT, to the fakepam testing framework.

Fix portable k_haspag replacement to not attempt to allocate negative memory if getgroups fails. Thanks, Jeffrey Altman.

Modernize RRA_FUNC_KRB5_GET_INIT_CREDS_OPT_SET_PKINIT_ARGS and RRA_LIB_KAFS to avoid deprecated macros from Autoconf 2.71.

Perl tests and test support libraries now require Perl 5.10 or later.

Update perlcritic configuration to remove (instead of tweaking) two warnings that I keep running into and have never found useful, and to cope with the renaming of Perl::Critic::Freenode to Perl::Critic::Community. The latter requires a workaround in the test programs because of perlcritic's unsuppressible warning about unknown policies.

Update perltidy configuration for somewhat better handling of nested data structures and qw lists.

Add documentation of is_file_contents (provided by Test::RRA).

Ignore all ~ backup files when checking for SPDX license identifiers.

Suppress -Wformat-truncation warnings from GCC 10 in the portable replacement for getnameinfo. The return status of snprintf is tested for truncation, but GCC doesn't recognize that.

Add a new t/docs/changes.t test for Perl modules that uses Test::CPAN::Changes to check the format of Changes files.

In Perl modules, also check POD syntax and spelling for modules found in t/lib.

rra-c-util 9.0 (2021-03-20)

Rename all SQLite Autoconf macros from SQLITE to SQLITE3, including their output variables and configure command-line options, to bring the naming convention in line with common practice for software using SQLite v3. Clear the SQLITE3 variables if the library was optional and no working library was found.

Rename the KRB5_CPPFLAGS_GCC output variable from the RRA_LIB_KRB5 macro to KRB5_CPPFLAGS_WARNINGS to more accurately reflect its intended use and to reflect that it works with Clang.

The m4/krb5.m4 Autoconf macros no longer define AM_CONDITIONAL as a no-op if it's not already defined, since this may be unexpected when loading a macro. If you want to use those macros without Automake, add m4_define_default([AM_CONDITIONAL], [:]) to

The RRA_LIB_KRB5 and RRA_LIB_KRB5_OPTIONAL macros now also check that at least one Kerberos header file was found and either abort with an error or mark Kerberos as unusable depending on the choice of macro. Thanks, Julien ÉLIE.

Add C stubs for sd_notify and sd_notifyf and a (non-functional) preprocessor stub for sd_is_socket for portability for more APIs to systems without libsystemd.

Fix portable/sd-daemon.h to include necessary prerequisite headers and not assume they were already included.

Fix the RRA_PROG_PYTHON Python version test to work on Python 3.0 and Python versions older than 2.7. Tested with Python 2.3.0. Thanks, Julien ÉLIE.

Fix the util/fdflag test on Solaris 11. Thanks, Julien ÉLIE.

Fix some bogus networking assumptions made by the util/fdflag test that caused it to fail on OpenBSD, and clean up the child process if anything goes wrong with the main process so that the test driver doesn't hang.

Use AS_ECHO instead of echo in all Autoconf macros for slightly improved portability. Thanks, Julien ÉLIE.

Allow use of package variables from YAML::XS when running perlcritic.

rra-c-util 8.4 (2020-12-13)

Add a new RRA_PROG_LD_FLAG Autoconf macro to probe whether a given flag is supported when linking. Patch from Julien ÉLIE.

Allow the RRA_PROG_C_FLAG Autoconf macro to be used to probe for flags containing a comma. Change suggested by Julien ÉLIE.

Include string.h in the probe for AI_ADDRCONFIG support to avoid problems on macOS X. Thanks, Bo Lindbergh.

NetBSD prefers reallocarr to reallocarray and only prototypes the latter if _OPENBSD_SOURCE is defined, which is not one of the macros Autoconf defines by default. Work around this for now by checking whether reallocarray is declared, not only whether it's available, and protyping it if it's not declared. This uses the semi-hidden deprecated symbol on NetBSD.

In the getnameinfo replacement, handle musl libc's gethostbyaddr, which returns the string conversion of the IP address if the host doesn't resolve. This only affects the test suite, since musl libc supports IPv6 and thus doesn't need this replacement.

Add a more explicit statement of backward compatibility support, namely that support for systems released more than fifteen years ago will be dropped if that support becomes burdensome.

rra-c-util 8.3 (2020-08-09)

Stop providing a replacement for a broken snprintf and assume the libc version works correctly. This portability code has proven difficult to maintain, and was only relevant for ancient proprietary UNIX versions that have been obsolete for many years.

Fix network tests on hosts with no IPv4 addresses. In this case, the network tests for binding all configured addresses will bind only to IPv6, which broke some prior assumptions in the test suite. Thanks to Niko Tyni for the bug report.

Ignore files named changelog when checking for obsolete strings so that the check will not trigger on old Debian changelog entries.

Suppress ControlStructures::ProhibitCascadingIfElse in perlcritic checks. It recommends using given/when instead, but this construct is marked as experimental in Perl and was considered a mistake in some quarters.

Fix style issues found in Perl code by Perl::Critic::Freenode and install it as part of CI testing. This avoids issues with reusing the Perl tests with Perl modules tested with perl-tester Docker images, which pre-install those Perl::Critic policies.

rra-c-util 8.2 (2020-05-16)

Use memset to implement explicit_bzero if the latter is not available.

Fix support for configuring Kerberos tests with their own krb5.conf file. Patch from Jeffrey Hutzelman.

Fix support for configuring Kerberos tests when the system krb5.conf file does not contain a default_realm setting.

Change ENTRY and EXIT logging macros for PAM modules to use do/while syntax so that it can be used like a function call.

Add a definition of PAM_MAX_RESP_SIZE to portable/pam.h.

Ignore files in tests/config other than README when checking for SPDX license identifiers.

Skip directories named .pc when enumerating all files for tests and when checking for SPDX license identifiers for Perl packages. This directory is used by quilt (and thus some Debian packaging) for metadata.

Ignore object files when checking for SPDX license identifiers.

Fix header ordering in some of the portability socket code to restore compatibility with some ancient UNIX systems. This was broken by the include reordering done by clang-format. Thanks, Julien ÉLIE.

Fix warnings with Clang 10.

Update to C TAP Harness 4.7:

rra-c-util 8.1 (2020-01-05)

Drop support for Perl 5.6. Perl tests and supporting libraries now require Perl 5.8 or later. Not even CPAN testers are still testing Perl 5.6 and Travis-CI doesn't support it, so true support was dubious at best. Dropping support for Perl 5.6 allows cleaning up some old compatibility code.

Reformat all C source using clang-format 10 and the formatting rules specified in .clang-format.

Update suppressions and fix issues found by cppcheck 1.89.

Remove snprintf tests that surpassed the promised precision of C floating point numbers.

rra-c-util 8.0 (2019-09-01)

Test::RRA now must be imported before Test::More, and will check whether Test::More is available and skip the whole test if it is not (such as Red Hat systems with perl but not perl-core installed). All included tests written in Perl have been updated to import Test::RRA before Test::More.

The is_file_contents Test::RRA function now falls back on printing the expected and seen output if diff does not work, primarily to support platforms like Windows with no standard diff program.

Fix RRA_LIB_KRB5_OPTIONAL probing in the --enable-reduced-depends case when linking with libkrb5 is not possible but libcom_err is present. The probes for com_err were previously not skipped, resulting in a non-empty KRB5_LIBS containing only -lcom_err, which incorrectly caused the macro to indicate that Kerberos libraries were present.

Work around Test::Strict not skipping .git directories by testing an explicit list of files and directories in the Perl t/style/strict.t test. This means that test now assumes the only interesting files are in subdirectories or end in *.PL. It also now skips blib, so no longer double-checks library files and scripts.

Don't erroneously exclude Build.PL files from SPDX license identifier checks in Perl packages.

In tests/docs/spdx-license-t and the Perl equivalent, check for my legacy "see LICENSE" notice even in short files that are otherwise skipped by the test to ensure that all license notices are replaced with the new SPDX notices.

Ignore Changes when checking Perl files for obsolete strings.

rra-c-util now tests the Perl test utilities that it includes, and therefore builds and tests a dummy Perl module during its build. Therefore, Perl 5.6.2 or later and the Module::Build module are now required to build rra-c-util (but not to use its components).

Minor updates to fix warnings and tests with GCC 9.2.1, perltidy 20190601, and Perl::Critic 1.134.

Update to C TAP Harness 4.5:

rra-c-util 7.2 (2018-06-03)

Add new Python Autoconf macros RRA_PROG_PYTHON, RRA_PYTHON_MODULE, and RRA_LIB_PYTHON written by Julien ÉLIE and based on earlier work in INN. The first finds Python through an environment variable or a PATH search, checking for a sufficiently high version, and supports requiring Python 2, Python 3, or either. The second checks whether a Python module can be loaded by the discovered Python interpreter, and the third reports the flags required to link with the Python library to embed it in another program.

The Autoconf RRA_PROG_PERL macro now also makes PERL a substitution variable. Thanks, Julien ÉLIE.

The Autoconf RRA_LIB_PERL macro now checks for the EXTERN.h header and for perl_alloc in the libperl library, to double-check that the discovered linkage information actually works. (It may not on, for example, a Debian host without libperl-dev installed.)

The Autoconf RRA_LIB_BDB, RRA_LIB_OPENSSL, RRA_LIB_SASL, and RRA_LIB_ZLIB macros, and their _OPTIONAL counterparts, all now check that the library's key header can be found as well as the library. The _OPTIONAL versions treat the library as missing if the header is not present; the non-optional versions will abort configure with an error if the header is not present.

Rename the docs/urls test (for both Perl and non-Perl packages) to style/obsolete-strings, which more correctly reflects its purpose. Add a check for RRA_MAINTAINER_TESTS, which has been replaced by Lancaster Consensus environment variables.

Fix updating of Perl module versions using the new-style package syntax by tests/perl/module-version-t -u. Previous versions were quoting two-part version numbers, but this is a syntax error when the version is set with the package directive.

Skip more Automake files in the all_files function of

Add more exclusions to the spdx-license tests.

rra-c-util 7.1 (2018-05-06)

Fix misplaced va_end in the pam-util putil_log_failure function.

Avoid testing the client IP address when accepting TCP and UDP client connections using network_bind_all. Some hosts with unusual network configurations may rewrite client packets to appear to come from an IP address other than, resulting in false positives in earlier versions of this test.

Add maintainer check-cppcheck target to run cppcheck across the source base with a standard configuration. Fix all issues found by cppcheck.

Skip checking for krb5-config on the path if an install prefix was provided to the corresponding configure flag. This was harmless but resulted in confusing output.

Define UINT32_MAX for systems that don't have it.

Switch the license of the essentially public domain source files from a license statement I borrowed from the IETF to a more standard FSF all-permissive license.

Add SPDX-License-Identifier headers to all substantial source files, and add a test to check for them.

Skip more Autoconf and Automake files in the all_files function of Test::RRA::Automake.

Rework the check-valgrind target to use the new C TAP Harness valgrind support and automatically check the valgrind log files for errors at the end of the test suite.

Add support for running remctld under valgrind when spawning it for test cases.

Update perlcriticrc for Perl tests to disable a false positive on postfix dereferencing and allow package variables in another module.

Update to C TAP Harness 4.3:

rra-c-util 7.0 (2017-12-30)

Drop the SA_LEN macro from portable/socket.h. This macro came from INN's portability code, and can be useful when adding IPv6 support to old code bases that didn't pass address lengths. But it was fairly easy to remove the remaining uses of it from INN, and it's never caught on and been standardized. It wasn't necessary in any of my other projects and was causing warnings with some new warning options in GCC 7, so drop it entirely.

network_sockaddr_sprint takes a socklen_t instead of a size_t as its second argument for better compatibility with other networking functions it calls.

Allow bail_krb5 and diag_krb5 TAP library functions to take either a krb5_error_code or a kadm5_ret_t as their second argument.

Fix new warnings in GCC 7. Add -Wformat-overflow=2, -Wformat-truncation=2, -Walloc-zero, -Wduplicated-branches, -Wconversion -Wno-sign-conversion, -Wmissing-declarations, and -Wrestrict to the default GCC warning flags, and fix resulting issues. Remove various warning options that are now the default or implied by other flags.

Fix all warnings from the Clang static analyzer. Ensure that allocations in reallocarray replacements have a minimum size of 1 and that pam-util/vector.c always allocates the strings array with a minimum size of 1 to simplify static analysis.

Flesh out support for Clang warnings and compile cleanly under Clang with most warnings enabled (-Weverything with some exclusions). See m4/cc-flags.m4 for the list of Clang warning options excluded.

Support testing flags containing + characters using RRA_PROG_CC_FLAG. This character has to be replaced when creating cache variables. Thanks to Julien ÉLIE for the report.

Update valgrind configuration to exclude more false positives from MIT and Heimdal libraries doing load-time allocations.

Update to C TAP Harness 4.2:

rra-c-util 6.2 (2016-12-24)

Correctly handle -Wno-* options in RRA_PROG_CC_FLAG. GCC and Clang both don't produce fatal errors for unknown -Wno-* flags, so test the corresponding positive -W flag instead when determining if they're supported. Thanks to Guillem Jover for the information.

In RRA_PROG_CC_WARNINGS_FLAGS, always add -Werror to warning flags for both GCC and Clang, rather than probing for whether it's supported in GCC and not using it with Clang.

Add new is_file_contents function to Test::RRA for Perl tests. This compares a string with the contents of a file and displays a diff if they don't match.

Add a new test (tests/docs/urls-t, and perl/t/docs/urls.t for Perl modules) for bad URLs or other strings in all distribution files, initially just checking for non-https URLs and my old email address. In the process, add a new all_files function to Test::RRA::Automake that returns all "interesting" files in the distribution that a test may want to look at.

Require version 0.25 of Test::Strict or later in tests/perl/strict-t and perl/t/style/strict.t, since that version is required to know that use 5.012 or later automatically implies use strict.

rra-c-util 6.1 (2016-10-10)

Correct the return-value checks for snprintf to avoid an off-by-one error when verifying the output was not truncated. (All locations should have been safe anyway for other reasons, but be certain.) Based on a patch by Yuriy M. Kaminskiy to INN.

New RRA_PROG_CC_FLAG macro, from INN, which determines whether the compiler supports a given flag. New RRA_PROG_CC_WARNINGS_FLAGS macro, replacing the WARNINGS variable in, to calculate all of the warning flags supported by the current compiler, and use it for the make warnings target. The warning flags have been updated for new flags available in GCC 6.1.0.

Test::RRA::Config could not load perl.conf when run outside the test suite under current Perl (5.22.2) because the semantics of "do" with relative paths changed. Fix by making the relative search paths more explicit. This fixes running module-version-t -u outside the test suite to bump version numbers.

rra-c-util 6.0 (2016-05-07)

Rewrite vector_join and cvector_join to use memcpy instead of strlcpy and strlcat.

Remove the portable replacements for strlcat and strlcpy. These had various bugs around edge cases, and I've been convinced that these interfaces are a bad idea. They're no longer used by any of the utility libraries and should normally be replaced with asprintf or similar functions.

network_set_freebind, network_set_reuseaddr, and network_set_v6only are now public functions for clients that need additional control over when these options are set or can't use the network_bind functions.

Fix the m4/openssl.m4 probe for OpenSSL to look for SSL_accept instead of SSL_library_init, fixing OpenSSL 1.1.0 detection. Thanks, Julien ÉLIE.

Add a new RRA_PROG_PERL macro that finds the path of a Perl interpreter of the given version or newer. Add a new RRA_PERL_CHECK_MODULE macro that checks whether a given module can be loaded by Perl. Add a new RRA_LIB_PERL macro that finds the compiler and linker flags for embedding Perl. These are based on the configure macros used in INN.

Add a replacement for gss_oid_equal for older versions of Heimdal.

Use C_TAP_SOURCE and C_TAP_BUILD environment variables in all test support code instead of SOURCE and BUILD, following the change in C TAP Harness 4.0. Upgrading to any test support libraries from this release will also require upgrading the test suite driver to C TAP Harness 4.0 or later.

Rename the script to bootstrap from a Git checkout to bootstrap, matching the emerging consensus in the Autoconf world.

rra-c-util 5.10 (2016-01-17)

New option, @MODULE_VERSION_IGNORE, for the test perl.conf configuration that excludes certain modules from the version consistency check. This allows different versioning to be used for modules that provide DBIx::Class schemata.

Move common code between tests/perl/module-version-t and perl/t/style/module-version.t into a new Test::RRA::ModuleVersion test module. This adds support for the Perl 5.12 module version syntax to the tests/perl/module-version-t version of the test.

Fix the Perl docs/synopsis.t test to not use UNIX-specific path delimiters to exclude files in blib/script. This fixes portability to older builds of Perl on Windows.

The util/network/server-t test has been made more robust against additional ways that IPv6 could not be available, such as the restrictions in the current Travis-CI build environment.

rra-c-util 5.9 (2015-11-27)

Fix the portability defines for the anonymous principal strings to correctly define the Heimdal API, and add KRB5_ANON_REALM.

In the PAM testing framework, clear errno when a module calls pam_modutil_getpwnam with an unrecognized username. Returning NULL with a 0 errno makes other testing easier.

Add PAM_SESSION_ERR to the error codes supported by the PAM testing framework.

rra-c-util 5.8 (2015-08-18)

Add missing va_end in xasprintf implementation.

Fix segfault in buffer_find_string if passed a buffer that's never had any data. Found by Richard Kettlewell.

Add portability code for kadm5_init_krb5_context for programs that use libkadm5clnt without needing libkrb5.

Fix the logic in Test::RRA::Automake for stripping relative directories from the paths created by Automake to cope with multiple ascending relative paths in a row, as is now used by current Automake dist checking.

Update to C TAP Harness 3.4:

rra-c-util 5.7 (2015-04-26)

Add portability defines for Mac OS X 10's PAM implementation, which doesn't support the PAM_DATA_REPLACE and PAM_DATA_SILENT options for pam_set_data and doesn't define PAM_BAD_ITEM. Thanks to Meno Abels for the report.

Add new RRA_HEADER_PAM_STRERROR_CONST macro that checks whether pam_strerror wants its first argument declared const. This is required to build the fakepam library for testing on Mac OS X, which declares the first argument const (unlike other PAM implementations).

Avoid $() in the probe for systemd support, since Solaris 10 /bin/sh is still used by configure and doesn't support this syntax.

Prefer libsystemd to libsystemd-daemon if it is available, since upstream merged the systemd libraries together. The macro is still called RRA_LIB_SYSTEMD_DAEMON_OPTIONAL for now, since it only checks for those functions and will support libsystemd-daemon on older installations.

Port the Kerberos Autoconf macros and portability framework to the included Kerberos in Solaris 10 by adding some more entries to the header search paths.

Add a macro to probe for whether the compiler is Clang, and use that to determine appropriate warning flags for Clang versus gcc.

Update to C TAP Harness 3.3:

rra-c-util 5.6 (2014-12-25)

Check for integer overflow when determining the size of the results of vector_join and vector_cjoin.

Avoid strlcpy in the getnameinfo replacement (use memcpy instead) and the setenv replacement (use asprintf instead).

Add a style/module-version.t test and helper script for regular Perl modules. This is similar to tests/perl/module-version-t except that it expects a Perl module layout instead of Perl modules embedded in a larger distribution, does not do the Automake integration, and supports the Perl 5.12 package syntax. (Common code should someday be factored out into Test::RRA.)

Fix visibility for util/buffer.c functions and for inet_aton and inet_ntoa replacements to match the default hidden visibility of other portability and util functions. Thanks, Julien ÉLIE.

network_addr_match now always fails (returns false) if either of the strings are the empty string. AIX 7.1's inet_aton treats the empty string as equivalent to, but we want to treat it as a syntax error since it's too easy to get an empty string by accident.

network_connect, network_connect_host, and network_client_create now accept "any" as a source as well as "all", as a synonym for letting the operating system pick, for parallelism with network_bind_ipv4 and network_bind_ipv6.

The portable/socket.h portability layer now provides a socket_set_errno_einval() macro to set the current socket error to an equivalent of EINVAL. Windows uses a different error code for this case.

There is a new portable/socket-unix.h portability layer that includes sys/un.h and defines SUN_LEN if the implementation does not do so. (Use in combination with the RRA_MACRO_SUN_LEN Autoconf macro.)

Add PIPE_READ and PIPE_WRITE macros to util/macros.h to name the elements of the array passed to pipe.

Add full support for PAM_RHOST, PAM_RUSER, and PAM_TTY and read-only support for PAM_SERVICE (returning the service name given to pam_start) and PAM_USER_PROMPT (returning "login: ") to the fake PAM library for testing. Patch from Jeffrey Hutzelman.

In the TAP add-on for Kerberos testing, add a new flag, TAP_KRB_NEEDS_PKINIT, to the kerberos_setup function. This indicates that configuration for PKINIT authentications is required for this test case.

Update to C TAP Harness 3.2:

rra-c-util 5.5 (2014-07-02)

In network_read and network_write with a timeout, restart the I/O attempt if a system call failed with EINTR instead of aborting the operation.

Use calloc in preference to calculating a malloc size with multiplication everywhere, and reallocarray in preference to calculating a realloc size. In most places this caution was probably not necessary, but uniformity is easier to audit and no one will ever notice the speed difference between malloc and calloc.

Add a replacement for reallocarray for systems (currently anything that isn't OpenBSD) that don't have it. This function is the same as realloc but takes calloc-style arguments and checks for size overflow before calling realloc.

Add xreallocarray to the util library, which is a checked version of reallocarray similar to what xrealloc is for realloc.

portable/system.h now also guarantees the inclusion of inttypes.h (which it had included for years as an implementation detail) and limits.h (to ensure the availability of SIZE_TYPE on older systems).

Fix compilation of portable/pam.h with a C++ compiler. Caught by cppcheck.

RRA_LIB_KRB5 and RRA_LIB_KRB5_OPTIONAL now also provide a KRB5_CPPFLAGS_GCC Makefile variable that can be used in combination with gcc warnings (such as the make warnings target) to suppress warnings from Kerberos headers in non-system paths.

The util/messages-krb5 test can now be included in a package that may or may not be built with Kerberos support and will be skipped if Kerberos support is not enabled.

Update to C TAP Harness 3.1:

rra-c-util 5.4 (2014-03-25)

Rename skip_unless_maintainer to skip_unless_author in Test::RRA and add a skip_unless_automated function that skips the test unless author, release, or automated testing is requested. Use the new function for many of the Perl tests that don't uncover functionality issues. Switch from RRA_MAINTAINER_TESTS to use the environment variables from the Perl Lancaster Consensus (AUTHOR_TESTING, AUTOMATED_TESTING, and RELEASE_TESTING) for consistency with other Perl packages.

Add Autoconf support for SQLite in the form of RRA_LIB_SQLITE and RRA_LIB_SQLITE_OPTIONAL macros and corresponding RRA_LIB_SQLITE_SWITCH and RRA_LIB_SQLITE_RESTORE macros. These only look for SQLite 3 with the sqlite3_open_v2 interface, since that should be old enough to be present nearly everywhere.

rra-c-util 5.3 (2014-03-18)

The standard Perl script test for strict and warnings now supports a new configuration option, @STRICT_PREREQ, which lists modules that are required for meaningful script testing. If any of those modules is not installed, Perl scripts will not be checked. This allows correct handling of supporting scripts or optional utilities whose dependencies are not installed when tests are run.

Work around a bug caused by the combination of Perl::Tidy 20130922, which unconditionally writes a log file, and Perl::Critic, which doesn't suppress it, by removing stray perltidy.LOG files after testing.

Skip Perl critic tests for right now if the source directory is not writable, since Perl::Tidy 20130922 tries to unconditionally create a log file in the current directory, the current directory needs to be the root of the source directory for some testing to work properly, and Perl::Tidy fails all checks if it cannot create the log file.

rra-c-util 5.2 (2014-01-28)

Suppress shell errors from the systemd unit directory probe when pkg-config is not available.

Add Autoconf support for libevent in the form of RRA_LIB_EVENT and RRA_LIB_EVENT_OPTIONAL macros and corresponding RRA_LIB_EVENT_SWITCH and RRA_LIB_EVENT_RESTORE macros. Add a portability wrapper around the libevent include files and Autoconf probes, defines, and code to support using libevent 1.4 via the libevent 2.0 API (with some degradation of functionality).

Add new message_handlers_reset function to the messages utility API. This function resets all handlers to their defaults and frees any memory allocated by the message_handlers functions. This is primarily useful to allow freeing all memory when doing exhaustive memory allocation testing.

In the process TAP add-on, flush output from the process after stopping it instead of before and include the exit status if available. Use a cleaner method to wait for the process to stop that doesn't terminate the test with SIGALRM if the process doesn't stop fast enough and instead clearly reports the problem with bail. Fix a memory leak when starting a process under fakeroot.

Port the Kerberos TAP add-on to the new test_cleanup_register API and free allocated memory in child processes as well as the primary process.

Fix syntax error when building portable/krb5.h with a C++ compiler.

Add additional suppressions for MIT Kerberos and Heimdal to the valgrind suppression file.

Update to C TAP Harness 3.0:

rra-c-util 5.1 (2014-01-05)

Fix a cut and paste error that prevented process_start_fakeroot from working properly.

Add Autoconf support for systemd. This provides two macros: RRA_WITH_SYSTEMD_UNITDIR, which defines the HAVE_SYSTEMD Automake conditional and the systemdsystemunitdir substitution variable, and RRA_LIB_SYSTEMD_DAEMON_OPTIONAL, which probes for the optional libsystemd-daemon library (used for socket notification and startup synchronization). It also provides portable/sd-daemon.h, which wraps the systemd/sd-daemon.h include file and stubs out sd_notify and sd_listen_fds if libsystemd-daemon was not available.

rra-c-util 5.0 (2013-12-27)

The network_bind_* functions now take a socket type as an additional argument so that they can be used with UDP-based services.

network_bind_all now returns a boolean, which will be false if no sockets could be bound due to some error. Callers may check this instead of checking if the socket count is zero.

The network_bind_* functions now more reliably set the socket errno on failure and log somewhat more informative error messages with warn.

New network_wait_any function that waits for an array of file descriptors and returns the first one that selects ready for read. This can be used by UDP servers similar to network_accept_any for TCP servers.

vector_free and cvector_free now accept a NULL argument and silently do nothing. This allows for more concise cleanup code.

Provide new process_start, process_start_fakeroot, and process_stop functions in the process TAP add-on. Note that these require an Autoconf probe for sys/select.h and a replacement for a missing mkstemp. Rewrite the remctl TAP add-on to use this new API to start and stop remctld.

The remctl TAP add-on now aborts if the remctld PID file already exists rather than removing it and continuing. Since the process is automatically stopped and the PID file removed on any normal test exit, its continued existence probably implies there's a random remctld process still running.

Add new RRA_LIB_ZLIB and RRA_LIB_ZLIB_OPTIONAL macros to probe for zlib, based on the Autoconf macros in INN. Contributed by Julien ÉLIE.

Add new RRA_LIB_BDB, RRA_LIB_BDB_OPTIONAL, and RRA_LIB_BDB_NDBM macros to probe for Berkeley DB and its ndbm compatibility layer, based on the Autoconf macros in INN. Contributed by Julien ÉLIE.

Update to C TAP Harness 2.4:

rra-c-util 4.12 (2013-12-09)

Fix a bug in the *_OPTIONAL version of all Autoconf macros using lib-helper.m4 that would add yes/include and yes/lib to the compiler and linker search paths. Found by Julien ÉLIE.

Add new RRA_LIB_SASL and RRA_LIB_SASL_OPTIONAL macros based on Autoconf macros in INN. Contributed by Julien ÉLIE. Currently, these only deal with Cyrus SASL, not GNU SASL.

Provide KADM5_MISSING_KRB5_CONF_PARAMS in portable/kadmin.h for kadmin implementations that don't define it, such as Heimdal.

Add test_tmpdir to Test::RRA::Automake. This works the same as the corresponding function in the C and shell TAP libraries: it creates a temporary directory for tests to use, returns the path, and attempts to remove the directory when the process exits.

Add an ignore rule to the valgrind suppression file for memory allocated by dlopen on Linux, which appears to be unavoidable and not freed on dlclose.

rra-c-util 4.11 (2013-11-14)

RRA_LIB_KRB5 and RRA_LIB_KRB5_OPTIONAL now define HAVE_KRB5 instead of HAVE_KERBEROS and set rra_use_KRB5 instead of rra_use_kerberos, for consistency with other macros, with the macro names, and with the other shell variables those macros set. All utility code, libraries, and tests included in rra-c-util have been updated accordingly.

RRA_LIB_KRB5_OPTIONAL now correctly configures the package to not use Kerberos instead of failing if neither the new Kerberos error APIs nor libcom_err could be found.

Don't require use of Automake when using the Kerberos Autoconf macros. The AM_CONDITIONAL for the use of com_err is now ignored if Automake is not in use.

All _OPTIONAL m4 macros now set the corresponding rra_use_* shell variable to true if no explicit configure flags are given but the libraries are found at configure time, paralleling how the HAVE_* C preprocessor variables are defined.

RRA_LIB_OPENSSL and RRA_LIB_OPENSSL_OPTIONAL now define HAVE_OPENSSL instead of HAVE_SSL if the library is found to make the define consistent with the macro names and shell variables.

RRA_LIB_OPENSSL_OPTIONAL no longer aborts if libcrypto could not be found, and both it and RRA_LIB_OPENSSL now properly restore the default CPPFLAGS, LDFLAGS, and LIBS after probing for the libraries. Patch from Julien ÉLIE.

RRA_LIB_OPENSSL and RRA_LIB_OPENSSL_OPTIONAL now probe for -ldl first and add it to the dependency libraries unless --enable-reduced-depends is given. This is required to link with OpenSSL on AIX. Reported by Julien ÉLIE.

In xasprintf and xvasprintf, distinguish between failure to allocate memory and failure to format the output. Report the latter by passing 0 to the failure handler, and special-case that in the default failure handler to report a different error message.

Check the return status of snprintf when converting port numbers to strings in network_bind_all and network_connect_host, and use the correct format for the port number for the latter.

Check the return status of vsnprintf in the syslog message handlers for die, warn, and friends, and report an error with warn if vsnprintf fails.

In the vasprintf replacement, preserve errno if snprintf fails when formatting the string into the newly-allocated buffer.

Check the return status of snprintf in the getnameinfo and inet_ntop replacement functions instead of assuming that it will always succeed.

portable/socket.h now defines EAI_ADDRFAMILY to EAI_FAMILY if it's not defined to let code compare against this obsolete error code unconditionally. Some older systems may have an EAI_ADDRFAMILY error code distinct from EAI_FAMILY.

Update to C TAP Harness 2.3:

rra-c-util 4.10 (2013-10-04)

Add Autoconf macros for finding build flags for the TinyCDB library.

The Autoconf macros for probing for the OpenSSL libraries have been renamed to RRA_LIB_OPENSSL instead of RRA_LIB_SSL, and all the substitution variables have similarly been changed. The m4 file is now openssl.m4 and depends on lib-helper.m4. There is a new macro, RRA_LIB_OPENSSL_OPTIONAL, for packages with optional OpenSSL support. HAVE_SSL is now defined if the OpenSSL libraries were found.

In the use_prereq function in Test::RRA, support version numbers containing underscores and report the required version number, if any, in the skip message printed if the test is skipped.

Support a @STRICT_IGNORE variable in the perl.conf configuration file for the standard tests for Perl scripts.

Include in portable/kadmin.h the header file defining kadmin error codes, add a probe for one of the two possible namings for that file, and adjust for the missing KADM5_PASS_Q_GENERIC error code in Heimdal.

Replace krb5_free_default_realm with krb5_xfree on Heimdal, not free.

Add the appropriate gcc attribute to avoid leaking the dummy symbol used to keep the portability library from being empty when it is included in a shared object.

rra-c-util 4.9 (2013-08-14)

Add support for k_pioctl to the portability layer for libkafs by providing a fallback to lpioctl when using the AFS libraries and a system call failure define if no library was found.

Prototype the libkafs functions if the library was found but no header file was since some AFS builds don't provide headers.

Improve the standard Perl tests to check POD under examples, usr/bin, and usr/sbin directories, not check SYNOPSIS sections for scripts, work correctly with packages missing Build.PL or a t directory, and also check style in files under a usr directory.

network_connect, when given a timeout, now resumes waiting for the nonblocking connect after being interrupted by a signal. This can mean that a connect can take longer than the timeout if interrupted; hopefully both timeouts and catching signals are rare enough that this won't pose a serious issue.

Increase buffer sizes in the network timeout test to work properly with newer Linux kernels.

The PCRE Autoconf probe macros now correctly handle the case where the PCRE library exists but its header file does not, such as on Mac OS X.

Add new tests/perl/module-version-t test for packages that have embedded Perl modules. This checks that the embedded Perl module versions match the package version and can optionally update all of the version numbers.

Update to C TAP Harness 2.2:

rra-c-util 4.8 (2013-03-15)

Add new Test::RRA, Test::RRA::Automake, and Test::RRA::Config Perl modules collecting useful utility functions for tests written in Perl in packages that use the rra-c-util layout and structure. The tests in tests/docs and tests/perl now use these libraries, so packages using those test scripts should also include the tests/tap/perl directory in the distribution.

The tests/perl/critic-t and tests/perl/minimum-version-t tests now use tests/data/perl.conf for per-package configuration, making it easier to use the tests verbatim in multiple packages with different ignore lists or minimum version requirements.

The tests/perl/strict-t test now works properly for Perl scripts that make use of a Perl module that's built as part of the larger package build.

The Perl tests now more correctly handle testing of packages when the build directory is a subdirectory of the source directory.

Update the perlcritic and perltidy configuration used for checking Perl coding style to match the current Stanford Perl coding style.

Add a new perl/t directory that contains generic test programs suitable for standalone Perl modules or for projects that embed a Perl module build inside the project.

All C code in the package now cleanly passes clang --analyze with clang 3.0.

Update to C TAP Harness 2.1:

rra-c-util 4.7 (2012-12-19)

Add new portability wrapper for sys/statvfs.h that converts statvfs code to statfs code for older systems.

When probing for Heimdal's libroken, probe for roken_concat (present since at least Heimdal 0.4) instead of rk_simple_execve (not present until Heimdal 1.3).

portable/apr.h now includes apr_errno.h, apr_file_info.h, and apr_file_io.h and handles backwards compatibility of the APR_FOPEN_* flags and APR_FPROT_* constants to APR 0.9.

Probe for Kerberos headers using file existence checks instead of the compiler if a Kerberos root or include path was given. Otherwise, the compiler may find the wrong header in the system default include path and incorrectly assume krb5.h should be used instead of krb5/krb5.h.

Update tests/docs/pod-t and tests/docs/pod-spelling-t to use File::Spec rather than assuming UNIX paths, use Test::Spelling instead of hand-rolling its functionality, ignore .git and perl directories, and use my current Perl coding style. These tests are now more suitable for copying into other packages.

Add new generic tests for packages containing Perl: tests/perl/critic-t, tests/perl/minimum-version-t, and tests/perl/strict-t. Add configuration for perlcritic and perltidy for use with the test suite to tests/data. The minimum version test may require some configuration when copied into another package.

Add a valgrind suppression file in tests/data that is suitable for other projects using rra-c-util, particularly ones using Kerberos.

rra-c-util 4.6 (2012-09-17)

Drop concat and concatpath from the util library. asprintf or xasprintf, provided by the portability and util libraries respectively, are entirely superior alternatives to concat. concatpath was only used in INN and will be reintroduced if I end up using it in my other software.

xasprintf and xvasprintf (in the util library) and basprintf and bvasprintf (in the TAP add-on) are now void functions and always call the xmalloc failure handler on any error, not just on ENOMEM errors. The faint chance that the underlying asprintf function could return some other error isn't worth the additional code complexity of still having to check the return status and then probably abort anyway.

Add POD documentation for xmalloc, xcalloc, and xrealloc.

In the replacement kafs library, fix a compilation failure on Solaris 11 or later.

Add an RRA_INCLUDES_APACHE macro to m4/apache.m4 that can be used to include a basic set of Apache headers when probing for declarations relevant to Apache modules.

Strip -g and -On flags from APACHE_CPPFLAGS as returned by apxs to avoid forcing debugging and optimization strategy for Apache modules.

rra-c-util 4.5 (2012-05-31)

In the PAM utility library, cope with a NULL pam_args structure in putil_args_free and in EXIT logging to make handling of failure to allocate the pam_args structure simpler.

Add KRB5_WELLKNOWN_NAME and KRB5_ANON_NAME to the Kerberos portability header, used to form the anonymous principal name.

Add a replacement for krb5_free_string to the Kerberos portability header.

In the PAM testing library, do not set a default value for the user but use the user member of the config struct without modification, even if it's NULL. This allows testing of PAM calls where no user is set.

rra-c-util 4.4 (2012-05-11)

In the PAM utility logging functions, do not include a colon, space, and the PAM error if the provided PAM status was PAM_SUCCESS.

Add regular expression support to the PAM test library. Both output lines and PAM prompts can now be extended regular expressions instead of strings, indicated by surrounding them with slashes (/), and the actual output or prompt will be matched against the regular expression. If regular expression support is not available, the test will be skipped.

Support for the %* wildcard in output in PAM test scripts has been removed. Use regular expressions instead.

The fakepam library now separates the priority from the log line when recording output from the PAM module instead of appending a string representation of the priority to the beginning of the output line. The layout of the output struct (returned by pam_output) has changed accordingly.

In the PAM testing framework, don't copy the provided password into the PAM_AUTHTOK item. Instead, take new configuration parameters authtok and oldauthtok that, if provided, are copied into the PAM data before running the script. This allows separate testing of a saved password and a password provided at a prompt. Document in the fakepam README file all of the possible configuration parameters.

Various minor improvements to the scripted PAM testing framework: add PAM_AUTHINFO_UNAVAIL to the recognized PAM error codes, report output and prompt lines starting from 1 instead of 0, and report an error message rather than segfaulting if necessary parameters for a testing script are not provided.

The RRA_KRB5_CONFIG helper macro for Kerberos library probes now checks whether --deps is supported by krb5-config and, if so, passes it in unless --enable-reduced-depends was passed to configure. This will fix link issues on some platforms where all dependency libraries need to be linked to ensure proper behavior.

RRA_LIB_GSSAPI and RRA_LIB_KRB5 have been modified to use RRA_KRB5_CONFIG instead of duplicating their own krb5-config logic. This includes picking up the above change to use --deps if available. If including m4/gssapi.m4 or m4/krb5.m4 in another package, one must now also copy m4/krb5-config.m4.

RRA_LIB_GSSAPI no longer calls krb5-config with no arguments if the gssapi argument isn't supported and instead falls back to manual library probing. This is only relevant for very old versions of Kerberos.

In the Kerberos TAP add-on, fix cleanup handling of user password configuration and repeatedly-generated krb5.conf files.

Avoid using local in the and TAP libraries and instead use a tap_ prefix on variables, for portability to Solaris /bin/sh. Also avoid using test_file_path or test_tmpdir in backquotes inside double quotes to avoid a quoting bug in Solaris /bin/sh.

Make the __attribute__ handling in portable/macros.h more aware of different versions and compilers. All attributes are now suppressed for GCC older than 2.96 (instead of 2.7), since __malloc__ became available then. __alloc_size__ is suppressed for GCC older than 4.3. Warnings about unknown diagnostics are suppressed for LLVM and Clang, which pretend to be GCC but don't support all the same attributes.

Fix several portability bugs in the network test suite. Patch from Jeffrey Hutzelman.

Update to C TAP Harness 1.12:

rra-c-util 4.3 (2012-04-26)

Remove the bool arguments to buffer_sprintf and buffer_vsprintf and instead introduce new buffer_append_sprintf and _vsprintf functions to append to the buffer, which is what the functions did with a true argument. This avoids having a bool argument to functions, the meaning of which is often obscure in the calling code.

Probe for GSS-API headers using file existence checks instead of the compiler if a GSS-API root or include path was given. Otherwise, the compiler may find the wrong header in the system default include path and incorrectly assume gssapi/gssapi.h should be used instead of gssapi.h. Thanks to Jeffrey Hutzelman for the idea.

Add a new RRA_INCLUDES_GSSAPI macro that can be used to get a set of standard includes when probing for GSS-API library features.

Move the probes for GSS-API include files and OID definitions into RRA_LIB_GSSAPI, since there's no downside to always running them.

Set rra_use_remctl to true in RRA_LIB_REMCTL_OPTIONAL if remctl libraries were found, following the documentation.

Add parameter expansion support in the PAM options section to the PAM test script parser.

Update to C TAP Harness 1.11:

rra-c-util 4.2 (2012-02-29)

Add new network_read and network_write functions to the network utility library, which read from and write to network sockets with an optional timeout.

Fix replacement strndup function to not assume that the string being duplicated is nul-terminated.

Avoid excessive memory allocation when duplicating short nul-terminated strings in xstrndup.

Fix the skipped test counts in the network utility test suite for systems that don't have IPv6 configured. Thanks, Felix Geyer.

Add -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 to the default warning flags for more checks on glibc systems, and fix the resulting warnings in some of the test suite programs.

Update the and TAP add-ons for the new tests/config location of Kerberos configuration and to use test_tmpdir for temporary files.

Add reading of Kerberos username and password configuration to kerberos_setup in the Kerberos TAP add-on and always return a struct of configuration. Return the path to the keytab configuration and the corresponding principal, if present, and the principal, username, realm, and password from a password configuration, if present. Support requiring one or both configurations and calling skip_all if they're missing. Remove the alternative implementation of the Kerberos utility functions that doesn't require the Kerberos libraries and instead use #ifdef inside the primary implementation to handle this.

Significantly improve the remctl TAP add-on. Get the path to remctld from a #define via rather than requiring all test programs pass it in. Shut down remctld automatically at the end of the test suite to remove the requirement for explicit cleanup. Take the Kerberos configuration struct from the new kerberos_setup function and get the required configuration information from it. Add support for running remctld under fakeroot, and correctly handle shutting down remctld when run under fakeroot or valgrind.

Update to C TAP Harness 1.10:

rra-c-util 4.1 (2011-12-29)

Remove Kerberos v4 portability code: Autoconf probes, the portability header, and the lifetime function replacements. None of my packages support Kerberos v4 any more and I can no longer test this code.

In the PAM utility library, when Kerberos support is available, fix initialization of time values in the module configuration on platforms (like S/390X) where krb5_deltat is not equivalent to long.

Add a replacement for a missing krb5_cc_get_full_name function to the Kerberos portability layer.

rra-c-util 4.0 (2011-12-24)

The fake PAM library for testing now also supports a script-driven test infrastructure that uses configuration files to specify the PAM options, calls, flags, return status, prompts, responses, and logging output and supports callbacks to check the PAM status before it's closed. See tests/fakepam/README for more information.

The fake PAM library now supports PAM_AUTHTOK, PAM_OLDAUTHTOK, and PAM_CONV items and more correctly implements the PAM environment. It also supports intercepting getpwnam calls and returning a synthetic structure, and intercepting Kerberos krb5_kuserok calls and using the configured home directory to find .k5login. Log output is now returned as an array of strings rather than concatenating all the messages together. The fake PAM library now depends on the TAP library and uses its facilities for allocating memory so that memory allocation failures are reported with bail.

Do not call krb5_get_error_message with a NULL context. Older versions of Heimdal will dereference the context unconditionally and segfault.

When logging the entrance to PAM functions in pam-util, convert flags into symbolic names. Also close a memory leak in putil_log_failure and allow for systems where __func__ is defined by the system headers even though the compiler doesn't indicate a new enough C standard version (such as NetBSD).

When overriding defaults during PAM option parsing in pam-util, free any memory allocated for the old settings.

Add portable/pam.h support for PAM_EXTERN.

In the Kerberos library probes, probe for both krb5.h and krb5/krb5.h and use the latter if the former isn't found. Add an RRA_INCLUDES_KRB5 macro that expands into the headers to use for Kerberos probes. This allows the header to be found on NetBSD systems. Thanks to Fredrik Pettai for the report.

Fix RRA_LIB_REMCTL_OPTIONAL to not define HAVE_REMCTL even if the library wasn't found and to clear the variables used in Makefiles if the library isn't found.

Add a probe for Kerberos kadmin client libraries. This uses a new framework for library probes (m4/lib-helper.m4 and m4/krb5-config.m4) that may eventually be used for the other library probes. Add a portability wrapper around kadm5/admin.h and some example probes in

Include config.h in stdbool.h unless it has already been included.

Add new TAP library add-on that defines basprintf and bvasprintf, which wrap asprintf and vasprintf, checking their return status and calling bail if they fail.

The kerberos_setup TAP utility function now expects a test keytab to be in tests/config/keytab instead of tests/data/test.keytab and uses tests/tmp for the temporary ticket cache. It no longer needs the principal found in the keytab to be explicitly configured in tests/data/test.principal; instead, it reads the principal from the keytab.

Add new Kerberos TAP utility functions bail_krb5 and diag_krb5 to append a Kerberos error message, kerberos_config_password to return Kerberos principal and password information from a file in tests/config, and kerberos_keytab_principal to return the first principal found in a keytab file (so that the user doesn't have to explicitly configure which principal to use once they've created the keytab)

Add a kerberos_generate_conf TAP utility function to generate a krb5.conf file for testing. The last supports changing the default realm, removing configuration that may interfere with what's being tested, and honoring a krb5.conf file put in tests/config. It uses a helper program, generate-krb5-conf, which must be in tests/data.

Add a Kerberos TAP utility function that uses the kadmin client library to set a password expiration time on a principal for software that needs to test behavior of expired passwords.

Remove mkusage. This idea turns out to not be as useful as it looked, and the package of mine that was previously using it no longer is.

Update to C TAP Harness 1.9:

rra-c-util 3.11 (2011-12-01)

In the network utility library, when a connection with a timeout concludes, properly store the recovered error code in errno where the caller can pick it up. Fix some problems with the test suite for connect with timeout on systems where this cannot be tested by using a short listen queue.

Add a portability wrapper around some common APR headers that provides macros missing from APR 0.9.

rra-c-util 3.10 (2011-10-31)

Correctly handle empty vectors in vector_join and cvector_join. Thanks to Richard Kettlewell for the test suite addition.

Fix the syntax of the typedefs for missing socklen_t and sig_atomic_t. Patch from Matthew Loar.

Provide ssize_t in portable/system.h if the system doesn't define it (Windows does not). Requires an additional check in for users of portable/system.h. Patch from Matthew Loar.

Fix the stripping of -I/usr/include from the output of krb5-config. The previous code used extended regular expressions, which cannot be relied on inside sed, and would have stripped include paths that start with /usr/include. Just use two sed invocations, with and without a trailing space. Thanks to Ken Dreyer for the report.

Fix RRA_LIB_KRB5_OPTIONAL to make Kerberos libraries really optional when called without --enable-reduced-depends and without setting a path to the Kerberos libraries.

Fix RRA_LIB_REMCTL_OPTIONAL to not require the remctl library be found when neither --with-remctl nor --without-remctl was given.

rra-c-util 3.9 (2011-09-23)

The replacement for the Solaris and BSD function issetugid was mistakenly called issetuidgid instead, causing it to always be built. Use the correct function name so that the native function is used on platforms that provide it.

Always include gssapi/gssapi_krb5.h in portable/gssapi.h if it's available. Prefer gssapi/gssapi.h to gssapi.h in sample configure probes.

Stop providing or using INADDR_LOOPBACK in the socket portability code and instead use htonl(0x7f000001UL). The byte-order of INADDR_LOOPBACK appears to be undefined in practice, so neither using it directly nor using it with htonl works reliably.

Use typedef instead of #define for defining socklen_t and sig_atomic_t if they're missing, following the recommendation in the Autoconf manual.

The Kerberos test setup TAP extension now registers its cleanup function as an atexit handler so the caller doesn't need to explicitly clean up. It also frees all allocated memory, including the returned principal and the stored environment variables, for cleaner valgrind analysis.

In the kinit and shell versions of the Kerberos test setup TAP extension, try to suppress getting new AFS tokens in Heimdal so that the test doesn't override a user's existing tokens.

Wait longer for remctld to start in the remctl setup TAP extension to allow time for running everything under valgrind.

rra-c-util 3.8 (2011-09-02)

The network_connect utility functions now take an optional timeout. If non-zero, a non-blocking connect is done with that timeout, rather than blocking on connect until the TCP stack gives up. The network utility code now depends on the fdflag code.

Provide a function to free the results of network_bind_all.

Add an implementation of fdflag_nonblocking for Windows and allow fdflag.c to be built on Windows.

In the generic PAM option parser, add support for time configuration options. If Kerberos is available, these have a type of krb5_deltat and are parsed using the Kerberos library routine to parse a time interval. Without Kerberos, they fall back to longs and are parsed as numbers.

Support pam_get_item and pam_set_item in the fake PAM library used for testing PAM modules.

In the Autoconf Kerberos macros, avoid krb5-config and use manual library probing if either --with-krb5-include or --with-krb5-lib is given. Similarly avoid use of krb5-config in the GSS-API Autoconf macros if --with-gssapi-include or --with-gssapi-lib are given. One generally doesn't specify specific directories like that unless krb5-config will be wrong.

Use PATH_KRB5_CONFIG as the environment variable to set the path to krb5-config rather than KRB5_CONFIG in all the Autoconf macros that use it (krb5.m4, gssapi.m4, and krb4.m4), since the latter is used by the Kerberos libraries to specify an alternative path to krb5.conf.

Add replacement for krb5_verify_init_creds_opt_init, which is missing from the AIX NAS Kerberos implementation in at least some versions.

Define the C preprocessor symbol HAVE_KERBEROS if RRA_LIB_KRB5 is used, rather than only if RRA_LIB_KRB5_OPTIONAL is used and Kerberos was found. This simplifies reuse of code between mandatory-Kerberos and optional-Kerberos packages.

Fix sample probe for krb5_kt_free_entry prototype.

Check for krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_change_password_prompt, krb5_set_password, and krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_pkinit, replacing them as needed, and add new Autoconf macros to handle old nine-argument forms of the latter.

Add RRA_LIB_REMCTL_OPTIONAL to m4/remctl.m4 for packages where the remctl dependency is not required. Define HAVE_REMCTL if remctl is present, including when using the non-optional macro.

Improve the is_function_output TAP add-on interface to take an opaque data pointer and pass it into the called function.

Add a new run_setup TAP add-on function that runs a given command and calls bail if it fails, used for doing test setup in an external command. (Some things are easier to do in shell than in C.)

Define some macros missing from Solaris PAM in portable/pam.h.

Change Kerberos v5 to just Kerberos in various files. Version 5 has been the default version of Kerberos for over a decade.

Fix use of long long in portable/mkstemp.c.

Make the getaddrinfo replacement portable to systems that don't declare h_errno and don't define the netdb.h error constants.

Fix argument type for network_bind_all on Windows.

Update to C TAP Harness 1.8:

rra-c-util 3.7 (2011-07-25)

Add a new set of utility functions for managing a data buffer. A buffer dynamically resizes and has a concept of used and unused data, making it suitable for buffering and processing data from an input stream. It has associated functions for adding data to the buffer in various ways. Taken from work Russ Allbery did for INN's library, based on buffer code originally found in innd.

Add Autoconf macros for finding build flags for the APR and APR-Util libraries.

Fix error handling when krb5_appdefault_string returns without setting the result string. Fixes a possible segfault during configuration parsing on Mac OS X 10.7.

Abort during configure if building the replacement kafs library on a platform that uses regular system calls and afs/param.h is not found. The system call interface can't be built without the AFS headers, and it's better to fail with a descriptive message at configure time than with an obscure message at compile time.

Include strings.h in portable/system.h if it exists. Some platforms, such as FreeBSD, follow POSIX closely and only define strncasecmp here.

Add ARRAY_SIZE and ARRAY_END macros to util/macros.h.

Prefer gssapi/gssapi.h to gssapi.h in portable/gssapi.h. On FreeBSD, gssapi.h is marked as deprecated and emits a warning.

Fix compiler warning in util/messages.c when printing an error about failed memory allocation.

Fix detection of whether the PAM API uses const on FreeBSD. Thanks to Julien ÉLIE for the report and testing.

When building rra-c-util itself, only build kafs support if --enable-kafs is passed to configure. This avoids having rra-c-util fail to build on platforms that require the OpenAFS headers or libraries when AFS is not installed.

Add a pointer to rra-c-util to all files meant to be copied into other software packages.

rra-c-util 3.6 (2011-06-07)

Fix error handling in network_accept_any if select returns with no error but without setting any of the sockets as ready. This should be a rare edge case.

Fix pam_getenvlist in the fakepam testing library to return an empty environment instead of NULL when no environment variables have been set.

rra-c-util 3.5 (2011-05-31)

When binding an IPv6-only socket with network_bind_ipv6 and not binding to all local addresses, use IP_FREEBIND if it's available. This allows binding to addresses that are not yet configured, which is much more common with IPv6 given IPv6 autoconfiguration.

Add new network_accept_any() function, which takes an array of file descriptors (similar to what's returned by network_bind_all) and blocks accepting incoming connections on any of those file descriptors.

Skip portable/getaddrinfo test on systems where invalid hostnames still resolve.

The remctld_start() function of the TAP remctl add-on now takes optional additional arguments to remctld.

rra-c-util 3.4 (2011-05-05)

The gssapi.m4 fix for Heimdal without libroken was incomplete. It now doesn't attempt to link with libroken when probing for GSS-API symbols. Thanks, Antoine Verheijen.

Update GCC warning flags for make warnings to 4.6.1, adding -Wjump-misses-init, -Wlogical-op, and -Wredundant-decls.

Remove an unused variable in snprintf testing and properly check the return status of xasprintf and xvasprintf.

Add casts to the pam-util library in places where signed to unsigned conversions have been confirmed to not be bugs, in preparation for using -Wconversion. This warning flag is still unused by default due a bug in handling htons.

rra-c-util 3.3 (2011-04-28)

When binding IPv6 sockets, restrict them to only IPv6 connections rather than also allowing IPv4 connections where possible. The default behavior, for maximum backward compatibility, is for IPv6-bound sockets to accept IPv4 connections and expose those connections as IPv4 mapped addresses. This causes various problems, however, such as with reuse of bound ports (which was causing test suite failures) and requirements to handle IPv4 mapped addresses. The network model (also used by BSD systems) where IPv6 sockets only accept IPv6 connections is cleaner, even if it requires juggling multiple sockets in some situations.

The gssapi.m4 Autoconf macros now handle the bundled Heimdal on OpenBSD that doesn't have a separate libroken. Thanks to Antoine Verheijen for the analysis.

Define the KRB5_USES_COM_ERR Automake conditional to false when --without-krb5 is used rather than leaving it undefined, since the latter can cause configure failures. Patch from Andrew Deason.

Fix underquoting in m4/socket.m4.

Add a test of krb5_realm to so that pam-util will compile with Heimdal. Also fix kafs compilation flags to build properly with Heimdal kafs if it's in a non-standard path.

Update to C TAP Harness 1.7:

rra-c-util 3.2 (2011-03-03)

In the strndup replacement, check if the string being duplicated is NULL, and if so, return NULL and set errno to EINVAL rather than segfaulting. Thanks, Carsten Hey.

Zero sockaddr_in and sockaddr_in6 in the network library before using one, just in case non-zeroed padding bytes might cause problems. Thanks, Bo Lindbergh.

rra-c-util 3.1 (2011-01-23)

Add a replacement for a missing strndup (not available on Mac OS X).

Fix compilation of the embedded kafs layer for Mac OS X 10.6 and hopefully fix detection of whether AFS is present. Thanks, Andy Cobaugh.

Add vector_copy, vector_exec, and vector_exec_env to the pam-util vector library. Fix vector_clear to not attempt to free strings that are NULL. Fix broken GCC attribute markers on the pam-util vector library, which could cause compilation problems with non-GCC compilers.

Add a new type of configuration parameter to the pam-util option parser that stores a vector but takes its default value as a string (which will be split the way that a PAM option setting would be split).

When probing for Kerberos libraries, always add any supplemental libraries found to that point to the link command. This will fix configure failures on platforms without working transitive shared library dependencies.

When probing for <ibm_svc/krb5_svc.h> (part of AIX's bundled Kerberos implementation), include <krb5.h> before attempting to include that header to quiet confusing Autoconf warnings. Reported by Wilfried Weiss.

Add explicit license statements to the files meant to be copied into other packages rather than referring to LICENSE.

rra-c-util 3.0 (2010-12-29)

Add a PAM utility library to assist in developing PAM modules. This utility library provides functions for logging and table-driven option parsing, including reading options from krb5.conf. It also provides a version of the util/vector.c library that doesn't die on memory allocation failure and hence is suitable for use in PAM modules.

Add a fake PAM library used for testing PAM modules. This fake PAM library provides just enough of the PAM library functionality to make PAM module function calls into a single module, but doesn't look at the system-wide configuration, allowing PAM modules to be more easily tested without changes to the system configuration. It also allows test programs to inspect the internals of the PAM state.

Add untested support for the ioctl AFS system call methods on Mac OS X and Solaris 11 to the kafs replacement library.

Add a replacement for k_haspag for use with either the kafs replacement library or for systems with a libkafs or libkopenafs that don't have that function.

Export k_pioctl from the kafs replacement library and provide a definition of struct ViceIoctl. This is mainly for the use of k_haspag, but may prove useful for making other AFS system calls.

Move kafs/kafs.h to portable/kafs.h, since it's more a portability header than a header solely for the kafs replacement library.

Fix the --with-libkafs-lib and --with-libkafs-include configure options to work properly.

Properly include prerequisite Kerberos and ioctl headers before including the Heimdal kafs.h header.

Add handling of krb5_free_default_realm and krb5_init_secure_context to the Kerberos portability layer.

Add a replacement for missing krb5_appdefault_* functions for compatibility with AIX's included Kerberos, which provides the profile library but not the Kerberos interface to query it.

Fix broken GCC attribute markers causing problems with compilation on Windows (and likely any non-GCC compiler).

Update to C TAP Harness 1.6:

rra-c-util 2.7 (2010-09-20)

For Kerberos and GSS-API checks, look for krb5-config in /usr/kerberos/bin after checking the user's PATH. This is the default location on Red Hat Enterprise prior to RHEL6.

Enable all configure logic in that was previously commented out so that it is tested when building rra-c-util. Building this package directly will now require working GSS-API libraries, but since it already required working Kerberos libraries, this should not make a noticeable difference.

rra-c-util 2.6 (2010-08-25)

Add portability code for old MIT Kerberos and Heimdal libraries without krb5_get_init_creds_opt_free.

When probing for Apache module build flags, call apr-config --includes and add it to the preprocessor flags. Fixes build failures on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and 5.

When probing for UNIX domain sockets, include <sys/types.h> before <sys/socket.h> so that the test program compiles on OpenBSD. Thanks, Wim Lewis.

Add new test library function ktutil_list to output details of the contents of a keytab, used to compare two keytabs.

Fix determination of the test principal in the and test libraries.

Properly include the Apache, cURL, OpenLDAP, OpenSSL, PCRE, and ld --version-script M4 checks in the distribution.

rra-c-util 2.5 (2010-07-07)

Add an Autoconf macro set to locate the compiler and linker flags for Apache modules, allowing those modules to be built without using apxs to do the compilation and linking.

Add Autoconf macros for detecting cURL, OpenLDAP, and OpenSSL libraries.

Add an Autoconf macro that checks whether the linker supports the --version-script flag with a simple version script that just assigns symbol versions and marks some symbols as local.

Add vector_split_multi and cvector_split_multi functions to util/vector.h, which split a string into a vector using any character found in a string of separators as a separator.

Add a replacement for the Solaris issetuidgid function.

Add Kerberos portability glue for krb5_data_free versus krb5_free_data_contents and improve checking for krb5_kt_free_entry with older versions of MIT Kerberos.

The krb5.m4 Autoconf macros now handle the bundled Heimdal on OpenBSD that doesn't have a separate libroken. If KRB5_CPPFLAGS, KRB5_LDFLAGS, or KRB5_LIBS are set before calling the macro, their values will be preserved and added to whatever the macro sets, which allows the caller to set up custom values for particular operating systems.

Restore the default CPPFLAGS, LDFLAGS, and LIBS after probing for GSS-API libraries with --enable-reduced-depends. Previously, the default variables were left containing extra GSS-API-specific flags.

Allow users to suppress including config.h in portable/krb5.h so that the Kerberos portability code can be used in situations where a stripped-down config.h is needed, such as Apache modules.

Update to C TAP Harness 1.4:

rra-c-util 2.4 (2010-04-22)

Add Autoconf macros to probe for the PCRE library, using pcre-config where possible and falling back on direct probing.

Fix definition of replacement krb5_free_error_message to not be static.

Fix header guard for util/xwrite.h. Previously, the header would be incorrectly skipped if util/xmalloc.h was already included.

Update to C TAP Harness 1.2:

rra-c-util 2.3 (2010-02-15)

Add a portability layer for the Kerberos API, which supplies something close to the Heimdal Kerberos API on either MIT or Heimdal and adjusts with functions missing from older versions. Use it in the Kerberos TAP test module.

Add die and warn wrappers for Kerberos errors to the utility library.

Add a portability wrapper around PAM libraries and replacements for pam_syslog and pam_vsyslog, and an Autoconf macro to determine whether the PAM library headers use const.

Add a new TAP add-on for running a function in a separate process and then checking its exit status and output.

Disable the xmalloc test except for maintainers. It's too fragile, and isn't catching problems with xmalloc itself.

Adjust the Kerberos TAP test library add-ons for the split of util/util.h.

rra-c-util 2.2 (2010-01-18)

Break util/util.h apart into separate header files for every utility function grouping. This requires include changes in all packages importing rra-c-util, but makes it much easier to update header file changes for only those components that a downstream package users.

Add the GCC function attributes alloc_size, malloc, and nonnull to the prototypes for utility functions where appropriate, and add the format attribute to xasprintf.

kafs/kafs.h now defines HAVE_KAFS if any form of AFS support is available. This allows programs using it to, for instance, display different help output based on whether AFS support is compiled in (as opposed to available on the current system, which is what k_hasafs determines).

Improve error handling when network_connect or network_client_create are called with an unknown address domain for the source address.

Switch to AC_TYPE_LONG_LONG_INT instead of AC_CHECK_TYPES([long long]) as provided by newer Autoconfs, and change the snprintf replacement to assume the compiler provides long double.

Remove unnecessary dependencies on the util library in the portable test suite.

rra-c-util 2.1 (2009-11-25)

Add a new Autoconf macro, RRA_SET_LIBDIR, which sets the libdir variable based on the size of an integer in the compilation environment and whether /usr/lib32 or /usr/lib64 exist.

Use a socket_type typedef rather than int directly to store the file descriptors of sockets and, on Windows, typedef that to SOCKET instead of int. Update the function signatures of the network utility functions appropriately. Compare socket_type variables against an INVALID_SOCKET define instead of -1. Fixes portability issues to 64-bit Windows. Thanks, Jeffrey Altman.

Add a cast to the log handler for Windows so that it works properly on 64-bit Windows. Thanks, Jeffrey Altman.

rra-c-util 2.0 (2009-08-15)

Add a replacement for the libkafs library for AFS PAG and token manipulation. This is a minimal version of the library with no external dependencies on Linux and only minimal AFS dependencies on other platforms that implements just enough of libkafs functionality to support pam-afs-session and kstart. This is a somewhat-modified version of the kafs replacement files in kstart 3.14 that uses a separate library directory and Automake conditionals rather than AC_LIBOBJ and the portable directory and supports more specific configure options.

Revert the separation of the message functions that call exit into a separate source file. Unfortunately, even as a separate source file, it's still linked into shared libraries, so the additional code duplication isn't worth it.

Add a replacement for mkstemp on systems that don't have it.

If krb5-config produces results that don't work for Kerberos v5 of GSS-API probes, fall back on manual library probing rather than just failing. This fixes problems with GSS-API probes on Solaris where krb5-config is present but doesn't know about GSS-API. Thanks to Andy Cobaugh for the report.

Suppress error output from krb5-config in Kerberos v5 and GSS-API probes so that it's not mixed in with configure output.

Do not try to use a non-executable krb5-config for GSS-API probes and prefer the KRB5_CONFIG environment variable over a path constructed from the --with-gssapi argument.

Add m4/krb4.m4, which probes for Kerberos v4 libraries in the same ways that m4/krb5.m4 probes for Kerberos v5 libraries.

Add a portability wrapper around Kerberos v4 headers and replacements for Kerberos v4 lifetime functions for implementations that don't have them.

Add m4/socket-unix.m4, which contains some probes for UNIX domain socket support taken from INN with modifications by Julien ÉLIE.

RRA_SET_LDFLAGS (m4/lib-pathname.m4) now appends to the variable rather than only setting it and takes an optional third argument naming a subdirectory of the library directory to add to the library search path.

Enable GCC format string checking for the replacement asprintf function.

Use AS_HELP_STRING instead of the deprecated AC_HELP_STRING in all Autoconf m4 files.

Fix network test suite failures when IPv6 is available but disabled in the kernel.

Enable Automake silent rules. For a quieter build, pass the --enable-silent-rules option to configure or build with make V=0.

Update to C TAP Harness 1.1:

rra-c-util 1.0 (2009-05-22)

Initial public release based on the portability code that shipped with remctl 2.13 with some additional files from other current releases of my software packages. The changes below are relative to that version.

Separate out the message functions that call exit to a separate source file and therefore a separate object file. This will mean that shared libraries that don't call die won't link this file and hence won't include a reference to exit, which will avoid errors from some package test tools.

Add a vector_addn function that adds a counted string to a vector (similar to strndup). There is no cvector equivalent.

On BSD/OS, despite the AI_ADDRCONFIG flag being present in the system headers, passing it into getaddrinfo results in an error. Test for this at configure time and, if it doesn't work, hide the system AI_ADDRCONFIG definition.

Remove RRA_LIB_*_SET functions. When using Automake, one should never put one's own flags into the CPPFLAGS, CFLAGS, and LDFLAGS variables, since the user may override them. Instead, AM_* versions should be set in This can be done using the existing substitution variables, so the *_SET functions were always wrong.

Declare message_fatal_cleanup extern in util.h. Fixes compilation problems on Mac OS X and probably elsewhere.

Update GSS-API probes for portability to Solaris 10's native generic GSS-API libraries. Thanks, Peter Eriksson.

Change from AC_TRY_* to AC_*_IFELSE for all Autoconf macros.

Update the example for Autoconf 2.63, adding AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR and using AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS instead of AC_AIX and AC_GNU_SOURCE.

Specify a mode when creating a sentinel in the daemon test. This fixes compiler warnings with newer gcc.

Updated test suite to the current version of C TAP Harness and its C TAP library. Rewrite the extra functions that were in libtest as add-ons to the TAP library.

Add a TAP test library Kerberos initialization function to use the native Kerberos library functions as well as a version that calls kinit. The former will be more useful for packages that already depend on the Kerberos libraries.

Add TAP test library functions to clean up the Kerberos ticket cache and to cleanly shut down remctld.

Add TAP shell libraries for initializing Kerberos and starting and stopping remctld.

Make the xmalloc test suite robust against builddir != srcdir builds that change the default file name of the test program.

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