reminder Change History

1.16 (2012-03-03)

Add initial support for tags.

Tags is a new supported header for reminders, added to the template on new/create. A new -t command-line option can be used to restrict list to particular tags. A new tags command lists all the tags in use.

Lines changed: +111 -55

1.15 (2010-10-17)

Add new next command, which is like active but also shows all reminders that will become active within the next day.

Lines changed: +25 -8

1.14 (2010-01-10)

If the user edits a reminder and the resulting file doesn't validate and must be re-edited, the file was being re-read before being validated again but the new data was being discarded in favor of the old data due to incorrect scoping of a variable. Fix the scoping so that the new data is validated instead of the previous data.

Lines changed: +2 -2

1.13 (2010-01-10)

Properly decide a reminder is active if its next active date matches the current time. Fix a bug in "did" where a reminder's next active date wouldn't be moved into the future if the due date was the same date on which reminder did was run.

Lines changed: +4 -4

1.12 (2010-01-10)

Fix more places where a leading + has to be stripped from repeat intervals for the new version of Date::Calc.

Lines changed: +20 -8

1.11 (2010-01-05)

Version 6.x of Date::Manip now chokes on date modifications with two consecutive pluses (<date> + +2 weeks), which caused reminder to choke on repeating reminders where the repeat time started with a plus. Since this was previously supported syntax, continue to support it by stripping off a leading plus in the reminder data before adding a plus to do the date calculation.

Lines changed: +6 -4

1.10 (2009-08-09)

Add 2009 copyright year.

Lines changed: +2 -2

1.9 (2009-08-09)

Sort reminder list and reminder active output by the date at which the reminder came due instead of sorting by reminder number (which is fairly arbitrary).

Lines changed: +28 -5

1.8 (2009-02-12)

Ignore reminders without a title or start date in the list, active, and mail commands.

When a reminder is being created, reminder starts by writing out a stub file to provide the user something to edit and to reserve the reminder number. Those stub files were producing Perl warnings if list was run while the reminder was being edited.

Lines changed: +7 -3

1.7 (2007-07-10)

Make new a synonym for create.

Lines changed: +5 -3

1.6 (2007-01-07)

Reuse reminder numbers from ones that were previously completed and weren't recurring. Report a correct error message when editing a reminder and getting an invalid interval. Don't delete the reminder when editing it, getting an error, and choosing abort.

Lines changed: +29 -13

1.5 (2005-06-04)

Sort reminders numerically. It looks like there may have been a bug that could cause an existing reminder to be overwritten by a new one before this fix.

Lines changed: +3 -3

1.4 (2005-05-20)

Send mail from the user running reminder rather than hard-coding my e-mail address, and improve the documentation for reminder mail.

Lines changed: +7 -7

1.3 (2005-01-31)

Add a User-Agent to reminder's e-mail messages.

Lines changed: +3 -1

1.2 (2005-01-29)

Fix active and list to display the most recent date and the date after that, rather than the first and second date. Add full documentation.

Lines changed: +228 -5

1.1 (2005-01-21)

Initial working version.

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