remctl Thanks

To Anton Ushakov for the original design document, much of the version one protocol design, and the initial implementation.

To Roland Schemers for extensive review of the initial code and protocol and help with the original Java client.

To Romain LENGLET for the idea and code for examples/rsh-wrapper.

To Thomas Kula for testing of remctl 2.0 and later versions on NetBSD and Heimdal, for the Python bindings, and for the REMCTL_COMMAND environment variable implementation.

To Ralf Wildenhues for help in getting make check to work with builddir != srcdir builds.

To Darren Patterson and Digant Kasundra for contributions to the RPM spec file and testing on Red Hat.

To Jonathan Kollasch for the initial IPv6 patch and for identifying all of the places the code was making IPv4 assuptions.

To Andrew Mortensen for the initial -F and -k flag support for remctld, for the initial remctl PECL extension for PHP, for general code formatting comments and a reminder to free malloc'd memory in the Python bindings, and for implementing the user option in the remctld configuration file.

To Alf Wachsmann for catching inaccuracies in the Perl documentation.

To Jeffrey Hutzelman and Chaskiel Grundman for testing with Heimdal 0.6 and teaching me a great deal about GSS-API flags and the security issues that surround them.

To Marcus Watts for testing and various bug fixes, lots of improvements to the standalone server mode, and fixes for the Perl API. Marcus also rewrote the Java client, adding support for protocol version two and a server implementation.

To Sandor Sklar for testing multiple patches for the remctl build on AIX 5.2 and providing an account so that I could investigate test suite issues.

To Matthew Loar for the Windows port of the remctl client.

To Jeffrey Hutzelman for adding the framework for ACL method support and implementing the file, princ, deny, and gput schemes, as well as lots of testing and portability bug reports and patches.

To Timothy G. Abbott for suggesting additional restrictions on the names of files read when processing an include of a directory.

To Jeffrey Altman for additional porting to Windows and fixes to the Windows build infrastructure.

To Anthony M. Martinez for the initial Ruby bindings.

To Peter Eriksson for the example SMF manifest for the remctld daemon and help with building against Solaris 10's native GSS-API libraries.

To Anton Lundin for the initial implementation that led to regex and PCRE ACL support in remctld.

To Tollef Fog Heen for assistance in writing the pkg-config configuration file for libremctl.

To Jon Robertson for the initial implementation of the summary and help configuration options.

To Remi Ferrand for the initial implementation of the localgroup ACL type and for extending the summary configuration option to work with commands with subcommands other than ALL.

To Hugh Cole-Baker for fixing the localgroup ACL scheme on systems with large numbers of supplemental groups.

To Santosh Ananthakrishnan for finding a memory management security bug in the server handling of the sudo configuration option.

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