postfaq Change History

1.17 (2013-01-08)

Get the last modified date for the FAQ from the file modification timestamp and always add a Last-Modified subheader if the FAQ has subheaders. Add a new -d option to change the default status directory. Add support for authinfo to BUGS.

Lines changed: +49 -31

1.16 (2008-10-05)

Don't include the revision number in the Last-modified subheader unless it contains a period. Subversion revision numbers aren't very interesting.

Don't use strftime to generate the Expires header, since it may translate the month name.

Reformat the documentation and improve the REQUIREMENTS section.

Lines changed: +108 -89

1.15 (2006-04-11)

Helpful to actually accept an argument to the server option.

Lines changed: +2 -2

1.14 (2005-12-21)

Allow for - instead of / in CVS Ids.

Lines changed: +2 -2

1.13 (2004-12-08)

Remove an entry from BUGS that was actually fixed.

Lines changed: +3 -3

1.12 (2004-02-19)

Add -U and -P options to authenticate to a remote server with a username and password, by request.

Lines changed: +51 -9

1.11 (2003-06-19)

Support posting through an external program.

Lines changed: +50 -21

1.10 (2003-03-05)

Change the default status directory.

Lines changed: +11 -11

1.9 (2002-12-11)

Check for failure to connect to the NNTP server.

Lines changed: +5 -2

1.8 (2002-11-19)

Fix some bugs in the last change that prevented it from working at all.

Lines changed: +6 -6

1.7 (2002-11-15)

Added -s to specify the server to post to.

Lines changed: +16 -4

1.6 (2002-10-05)

Add the ability to optionally post via IHAVE.

Lines changed: +60 -22

1.5 (2002-07-27)

Add a reference to the script home page.

Lines changed: +4 -1

1.4 (2002-07-22)

Remove a debugging safety measure.

Lines changed: +1 -2

1.3 (2002-07-21)

Added a note about stripping HTML- subheaders.

Lines changed: +4 -2

1.2 (2002-07-21)

Add full documentation.

Lines changed: +191 -1

1.1 (2002-07-21)

Refactored into a better internal organization. No functionality changes.

Lines changed: +93 -56

1.0 (2002-07-21)

Add real option parsing and remove all the hacks to parse the command-line options. Handle FAQs without subheaders. Improve the reporting of the postfaq and Perl version, and use ISO dates for the last modified date of the FAQ. Use Net::Domain instead of hard-coding a hostname for message IDs.

Reformatted to match my current formatting standards.

Lines changed: +93 -58

0.4 (1999-02-28)

Added support for relative directories in lists of FAQs to post, based on the directory of the file given with -f.

Lines changed: +5 -1

0.3 (1999-02-28)

Added support for taking a file of FAQs to post, and for posting a sequence of FAQs as a single thread.

Lines changed: +53 -21

0.2 (1999-02-14)

Added support for parsing subheaders to skip over (and not post) any subheader that begins with HTML-. Also fixed a bug with finding status files when the given path to the FAQ doesn't contain a slash.

Lines changed: +12 -5

0.1 (1999-02-14)

Initial working version.

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