User-Visible PGP::Sign Changes

PGP::Sign 1.00 (unreleased)

Require a minimum Perl version of 5.10 and stop attempting to support versions of Perl back to 5.003, which are now impossible to test with and are missing many modern Perl features.

Rewrite the build system to use Module::Build. This eliminates the spurious "module" at the top level, which was a hack for setting the distribution version in old versions of ExtUtils::MakeMaker and should improve the indexing of the module. Move the module into a lib structure and the test suite data into t/data. Eliminate all of the prompting and command-line parameters to set the PGP style and path to programs; this will instead be discovered or configured at runtime.

Rewrite ChangeLog into a more conventional Changes file.

PGP::Sign 0.20 (2007-04-27)

Unbuffer output when building the module since there is an interactive prompt.

PGP::Sign 0.19 (2004-08-08)

Replace verification code for GnuPG with code that uses --status-fd, so that it will work independent of locale.

Document limitations in the error reporting and recommended setting TMPDIR.

PGP::Sign 0.18 (2004-08-04)

Remove trustdb.gpg from the distribution and add it to the files cleaned by make clean.

PGP::Sign 0.17 (2002-06-28)

Skip the test for verification of data with trailing whitespace when run under GnuPG, since the whitespace behavior changes fromr elease to release. GnuPG 1.0.2 is back to the previous behavior of releases before GnuPG 1.0.1.

Update CAVEATS to be slightly less optimistic about the chances of a major overhaul. Add a URL for RFC 2440 and this module's web site. Add a COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE section. Update the markup in the documentation.

PGP::Sign 0.16 (2000-02-12)

Add support for PGP 6.5, including a new PGPSTYLE setting.

Add a waitpid call to pgp_verify() to avoid leaving zombies behind.

Document the change in trailing whitespace handling in GnuPG 1.0.1.

PGP::Sign 0.15 (1999-06-13)

Clear the close-on-exec flag on the passphrase pipe in pgp_sign(), required for Perl 5.005_03.

Document that PGP may want to write randseed.bin to its keyring directory when run.

PGP::Sign 0.14 (1999-02-10)

Add support for GnuPG and PGP 5.0. This includes a new PGPSTYLE global variable, support for separate programs for signing and verification and lots of choosing between styles all over the code. Document the incompatibilities between different versions with respect to whitespace munging.

Add support for passing overrides for PGP paths and PGPSTYLE configuration settings via a paths file in the top-level directory instead of on the command line of makepm.PL.

PGP::Sign 0.13 (1998-12-04)

Allow setting the path to PGP on the command line when running perl Makefile.PL.

PGP::Sign 0.12 (1998-12-02)

Ensure the path to PGP input by the user during the build process overrides any other path to PGP found by the build system.

PGP::Sign 0.11 (1998-11-27)

Prevent ExtUtils::MakeMaker from spuriously generating a PGP::PGP::Sign man page.

Add ABSTRACT and AUTHOR to Makefile.PL for Perl versions 5.005 and higher.

PGP::Sign 0.10 (1998-11-26)

Fix a bug in finding the PGP version number of a signature.

Add support for the $PGP::Sign::PGPPATH configuration variable.

Clean up and reformat the documentation, add information about PGP environment variables, and document the lack of support for PGP v5 and GnuPG.

Add a test suite.

PGP::Sign 0.9 (1998-07-05)

Fix the code for getting the exit status of PGP to call waitpid on a specific PID, avoiding getting the status of some other child process.

Explicitly set $/ in case the calling program had it set to something odd.

PGP::Sign 0.8 (1997-08-18)

Explicitly set a umask of 077 in pgp_verify() (and restore it on completion) since we're creating temporary files.

Add a check to pgp_sign() to make sure we got a signature.

PGP::Sign 0.7 (1997-08-15)

Use O_EXCL when opening files in /tmp to avoid symlink attacks.

PGP::Sign 0.6 (1997-08-15)

Add support for $PGP::Sign::MUNGE, which says to remove trailing whitespace from each line before passing it to PGP.

PGP::Sign 0.5 (1997-07-28)

Fix some minor documentation nits.

PGP::Sign 0.4 (1997-07-28)

Change signature verification code to verify detached signatures instead of attached ones, and add a $PGP::Sign::TMPDIR variable to specify where the temporary files should be created.

Remove support for $PGP::Sign::ORS, which was a hack that's no longer necessary. Adding newlines before the signature can be done by the caller of the module.

Add a pgp_error() function to retrieve the error message from the last command.

PGP::Sign 0.3 (1997-07-27)

Add pgp_verify().

PGP::Sign 0.2 (1997-07-27)

Use @PGP::Sign::ERROR correctly to store errors from pgp_sign().

Add documentation.

Fix some minor bugs.

PGP::Sign 0.1 (1997-07-27)

Initial version, only supporting signature creation.

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