PGP::Sign Change History

2007-04-27  Russ Allbery PGP::Sign 0.20 released.

t/basic.t: Add reasons for the skipped tests.
t/locale.t: Likewise.

t/pod.t: New check for POD formatting.

2007-04-22  Russ Allbery

makepm.PL: Unbuffer output since we're prompting the user.

2004-08-08  Russ Allbery PGP::Sign 0.19 released. Remove e-mail addresses from HISTORY since the documentation is automatically put on the web. Moved to...
t/basic.t: Updated the search for the data directory accordingly. Print more information when detached signatures fail to verify.
t/locale.t: New test. (pgp_verify): Replaced verification code for GnuPG with code that uses --status-fd, so that it will work independent of locale. Documented limitations in the error reporting and recommended setting TMPDIR.

2004-08-04  Russ Allbery PGP::Sign 0.18 released.

debian/changelog: Add Debian packaging files.
debian/compat: Likewise.
debian/control: Likewise.
debian/copyright: Likewise.
debian/rules: Likewise.

Makefile.PL: Also remove trustdb.gpg; GnuPG generates it automatically and the copy we were distributing contained nothing of interest.
data/trustdb.gpg: Delete.

2002-06-28  Russ Allbery PGP::Sign 0.17 released. Update CAVEATS to be slightly less optimistic about the chances of a major overhaul. Add a URL for RFC 2440 and this module's web site. Add a COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE section. Update the markup in the documentation.

2000-10-08  Russ Allbery Skip test 9 completely under GnuPG, as the whitespace behavior changes from release to release; GnuPG 1.0.2 is back to the previous behavior of releases before GnuPG 1.0.1.

Makefile.PL: Added random_seed to @clean, created by GnuPG 1.0.2.

2000-02-12  Russ Allbery PGP::Sign 0.16 released.

Makefile.PL: Clean up all the additional junk created in data by running the test suite with PGP 6.5.

makepm.PL: Also look for PGP 6.5, distinguish between PGP 2 and PGP 6 by checking its output when run without any arguments, and add the PGP6 PGPSTYLE. Added a waitpid() in pgp_verify() to avoid leaving zombies behind. Updated comments and documentation for the new support for PGP 6.5.2 and for the change to GnuPG so that it does the same whitespace munging as PGP.

2000-02-06  Russ Allbery The signature in test 9 now expected to fail on all versions of PGP, as the release GnuPG was changed to follow PGP in its handling of whitespace.

1999-06-13  Russ Allbery PGP::Sign 0.15 released. Added a call to fcntl() to clear close-on-exec on the passphrase pipe in pgp_sign(), needed for Perl 5.005_03. Added a note to the documentation that PGP may want to write randseed.bin in its key ring directory.

Makefile.PL: and moved to the root directory, updated ABSTRACT.

makepm.PL: and moved to the root directory.

1999-02-10  Russ Allbery PGP::Sign 0.14 released.

PGP/ Use long options with GnuPG rather than -bat, add --force-v3-sigs so that generated signatures will be compatible with PGP 5.0, and added documentation of this.

makepm.PL: Search for gpg and pgps as well, set both PGPS and PGPV with prompts and guesses for each, prompt for and set PGPSTYLE, and pick up overrides to avoid interactivity from a file rather than from the command line.

Makefile.PL: Added support for PGPS, PGPV, and PGPSTYLE settings on the command line, changed to guess a few things if not specified and to pass values to makepm.PL via a separate file rather than the command line. Ugly hack to fix Makefile dependencies removed, since it's no longer necessary.

1999-02-09  Russ Allbery Changed the testing key ID to "testing", added special casing on PGPSTYLE for testing signatures of whitespace-munged data against unmunged data since GnuPG will still consider the signature valid, added two new tests for version 3 and version 4 DSS signatures, and had GnuPG skip the PGP 2.6.2 RSA signature check.

PGP/ Added support for GnuPG and PGP 5.0. This involves a new PGPSTYLE global variable, support for separate programs for signing and verification, and lots of choosing between styles all over the code. The documentation has also been updated to reflect this support, including a long note about whitespace munging incompatibilities between different versions and warnings about potential future API changes for this module. Also added a SEE ALSO section and a thank you to the folks who send in GnuPG support originally.

data/message.asc.v4: New file. Version 4 DSS signature.

data/message.asc: New file. Version 3 DSS signature.

data/pubring.gpg: New file. GnuPG key ring for testing.
data/secring.gpg: New file.
data/trustdb.gpg: New file.

data/pubring.pkr: New file. PGP 5.0 key ring for testing. data/secring.pkr: New file.

data/message.sig: Renamed from message.asc; this is the PGP 2.6.2 RSA signature.

data/pubring.pgp: Change key ID of test key to testing, since GPG requires at least five characters in the key ID. data/secring.pgp: Likewise.

1998-12-04  Russ Allbery PGP::Sign 0.13 released.

Makefile.PL: Add two ugly hacks, one to let someone set the path to PGP on the command line of "perl Makefile.PL," and the second to strip the resulting extra dependency from the processPL section. Pass the path to PGP to makepm.PL on the command line if it's given.

makepm.PL: Add support for accepting the path to PGP on the command line (and not prompting in that case).

1998-12-02  Russ Allbery PGP::Sign 0.12 released.

makepm.PL: The path to PGP that the user inputs should override any other path to PGP that we find.

1998-11-27  Russ Allbery PGP::Sign 0.11 released.

Makefile.PL: Added a MAN3PODS directive to prevent MakeMaker from generating a PGP::PGP::Sign man page, changed the formatting of the 5.005-only section.

1998-11-26  Russ Allbery

Makefile.PL: Added ABSTRACT and AUTHOR for Perl versions 5.005 and higher. This is for the PPD to go with a binary distribution, and for Perl Resource Kits. PGP::Sign 0.10 released.

PGP/ Modified to be PGP/ instead of, added special markers for the path to PGP and the version number, added support for $PGPPATH, fixed a bug in finding the PGP version number of a signature, cleaned up and reformatted the documentation, added a note about PGP environment variables, added bugs concerning our lack of support for PGP v5 and GPG, added a thank you to Andrew Ford in the history section of the documentation.

Makefile.PL: Run makepm.PL to generate PGP/, tell MakeMaker where the actual module is, and get our version number from now.

makepm.PL: New file. Now generate PGP/ automatically from this file, which finds and prompts for the path to PGP and grabs the version from New file. We now pull our release version number from here rather than the CVS revision of New file. Added a reasonably good test suite that works with public and private key rings included with the distribution. Based on work by Andrew Ford.

data/message: New file.
data/message.asc: New file.
data/pubring.pgp: New file.
data/secring.pgp: New file.

1998-07-05  Russ Allbery PGP::Sign 0.9 released. Fixed the way I was dealing with open3() file handles and $?. One needs to keep the PID and do an explicit waitpid(), or the status you get may be something random. Also cleaned things up a little and explicitly set $/ in case our calling program had it set to something odd.

1997-08-18  Russ Allbery PGP::Sign 0.8 released. (pgp_verify): Added a umask 077 (and restoration of umask on completion) since we're creating temporary files.
(pgp_sign): Added a check to see if we got a signature at all.

1997-08-15  Russ Allbery PGP::Sign 0.7 released. (pgp_verify): Changed to use O_EXCL when opening /tmp files to avoid symlink attacks. PGP::Sign 0.6 released. Added output() to munge trailing spaces if $MUNGE is set, modified write_data() to send everything through output() rather than printing it directly, added documentation of the new behavior to the PODs.

1997-07-29  Russ Allbery Removed $ORS, which was a hack that we don't need any more. That work should be done by the client, and the client is capable of it. Added a pgp_error() function (not exported by default) to retrieve the error message, since that's a cleaner user interface. Changed the signature verification code to verify detached signatures, which means we now use temporary files. Added a $TMPDIR global variable to specify the directory in which to create temporary files. Changed the documentation to include notes about all of this.

1997-07-27  Russ Allbery Broke write_data() off into a separate function, added pgp_verify() and tested it, changed the documentation to mention it as well. Fixed a few minor bugs, made to use @ERROR correctly, added documentation.

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