User-Visible newsyslog Changes

newsyslog 1.9 (2011-12-16)

Add a new option, -s, which skews the timestamps for all dates in log destination locations backwards by the number of minutes given as the argument to -s. This is primarily intended to handle the situation where newsyslog is run slightly before midnight to rotate the logs for that day, but may be delayed and instead run slightly after midnight. Without this option, the logs would then be written with the wrong file names and conflict with the next day's logs; with this option, newsyslog can be told to tolerate a few hours of delay without changing the file names.

The same log may now be named by both copy and truncate directives, in which case the log will be truncated in place after it is copied. The same log may not be named in both archive and truncate directives since archive replaces the log with a new, empty file, which is incompatible with truncating.

newsyslog now uses getopt to parse options, which means that bundled options (-cb, for example) are now supported and long options (like --bzip2) are no longer supported. Support for long options may be re-added later.

Rewrite the build system to use Automake and replace the portability layer with code from rra-c-util 3.11.

newsyslog 1.8 (2005-10-12)

Add a truncate action to the configuration syntax. This takes only the name of a log and says to truncate the log without rotating or saving the old information.

Add %t to the path specification syntax, representing the current time in seconds since epoch.

newsyslog 1.7 (2005-05-04)

Don't include the Debian packaging in the regular distribution tarball, following best practices for Debian packaging. Remove associated rules from the Makefile.

newsyslog 1.6 (2004-11-16)

Check for large file support in configure. Hopefully this won't cause any problems if we're still linked with a bzip2 or zlib library that doesn't support large files, but as near as I can tell, it shouldn't.

Add a cron job to the Debian package to process all configuration files found in /etc/newsyslog or /usr/local/etc/newsyslog nightly.

Install the newsyslog binary in sbin instead of bin.

newsyslog 1.5 (2004-08-16)

Added Debian packaging rules and an autogen script for CVS boostraps.

newsyslog 1.4 (2004-02-01)

Add a sanity check to keep newsyslog from rotating non-regular files, since a common configuration syntax mistake results in rotating directories instead of logs.

Switched to Autoconf 2.57 and improved the maintainer targets. Cleaned up a variety of warnings and fixed a type promotion bug in the supplied snprintf. Fixed various brokenness in the test suite.

newsyslog 1.3 (2002-08-27)

Fixed a memory handling bug when saving more than nine old copies of a log file.

newsyslog 1.2 (2002-08-04)

Added support for the filter keyword in configuration files. If filter is specified for a log, the log will be piped through that program before archiving and only the output of that program will be archived, rather than the whole log.

Added support for bzip2 compression instead of gzip. Give the -b option to newsyslog to compress all log files with bzip2. Requires that the libraries from bzip2 be installed (tested with 1.0.2, will not work with versions before 1.0 due to API changes).

Added the -c flag to just check the syntax of the configuration file without actually doing anything.

Rewrote the documentation in POD.

newsyslog 1.1 (2002-04-20)

Added support for the analyze keyword in configuration files. If analyze is specified for a log, the log will be piped through the given program before archiving. Nothing special will be done with the output of the analyze program.

Added the configure-time option --enable-static to force static linking with libz.

newsyslog 1.0 (2002-04-08)

Simplified the configuration process, cleaned up the code, and added a test suite.

newsyslog 0.7 (1999-06-07)

Added the -h and -v options.

Added a manual page, and cleaned up the rest of the documentation.

Ported to HP-UX and fixed various minor bugs. Improved the printing of where old failed logs are being written to when picked up by a later run.

newsyslog 0.6 (1998-07-04)

Added %D, %M, and %Y escapes for file names, corresponding to the day, month, and year number respectively (zero-padded).

newsyslog 0.5 (1997-12-29)

When archiving a log, if the directory into which the log is being archived doesn't already exist, attempt to create it. Only the parent directory will be created, not the entire path (if more of the directories are missing).

newsyslog 0.4 (1997-12-11)

Clean up compilation warnings on Linux.

Fix a significant bug with long commands in the configuration file.

newsyslog 0.3 (1997-10-31)

Added support for the copy directive in configuration files. This directive, unlike archive, does not rotate the source log, just copies its current contents to the given path.

newsyslog 0.2 (1997-10-31)

Initial public version.

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