mjinject Change History

1.1 (2002-06-28)

Note that this script has to be edited to set the correct hostname and add a pointer to my Majordomo with qmail FAQ.

Lines changed: +11 -3

1.0 (2002-06-28)

Add full documentation, poaching mostly from the introductory comments. Reformat for my current formatting style, and put the failure calls after execs in "or" clauses to avoid warnings from Perl.

Lines changed: +138 -84

0.8 (1998-12-03)

Ignore blank lines in list.programs files.

Lines changed: +2 -1

0.7 (1998-11-27)

Fixed a typo in an error string.

Lines changed: +2 -2

0.6 (1998-04-05)

We now strip comments from addresses in majordomo address files, and we support sending to programs (based on a LIST.programs file), which should allow for archiving and digesting more easily.

Lines changed: +63 -6

0.5 (1998-01-02)

Added $userext as a configurable variable, added a bounce sub and changed the few fatal errors over to using it, changed the comments slightly, and detabified the source.

Lines changed: +29 -31

0.4 (1997-12-04)

Reworked the added code for my coding style, removed the dependency on File::Basename and Getopt::Std, don't pass $verp into queue() since it's global.

Lines changed: +36 -32

0.3 (1997-12-04)

Incorporated Giles' patch to allow for VERP.

Lines changed: +45 -13

0.2 (1997-11-07)

Modified for distribution, cleaned up the error reporting, added documentation and installation instructions to the beginning.

Lines changed: +31 -21

0.1 (1997-11-05)

*** empty log message ***

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