mdfrm Change History

1.9 (2007-07-08)

Note that this program is no longer under active development and point users at mdfrm-utf8 instead.

Lines changed: +7 -3

1.8 (2003-08-02)

Include the name of the maildir in the -c output if one was specified on the command line and fix pluralization of "message" in -c output for the case of 0 messages (patch from Russell Steinthal). Added a DIAGNOSTICS section to the documentation. Exit with an error if multiple maildirs are given on the command line.

Lines changed: +29 -4

1.7 (2003-07-28)

Accept the "S" seen flag case-insensitively, since the specification isn't clear on whether it's required to be uppercase.

Lines changed: +2 -2

1.6 (2003-07-25)

-s wasn't being recognized as a valid flag.

Lines changed: +2 -2

1.5 (2003-07-25)

Make the maildir documentation links actual links.

Lines changed: +3 -3

1.4 (2003-07-25)

Add support for displaying just a count of messages (-c), a count plus the summary (-cs), and only unseen messages (-u), from Russell Steinthal with some modifications. Document the URL for the maildir format.

Lines changed: +69 -24

1.3 (2002-07-27)

Add a reference to the script home page.

Lines changed: +4 -1

1.2 (2002-07-21)

Add EXAMPLES, SEE ALSO, and COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE to the documentation.

Lines changed: +27 -1

1.1 (2002-07-21)

Use a default of $HOME/Maildir rather than $HOME/Mail/incoming, since it's somewhat more standard. Recognize ISO 8859-15 as well as 8859-1. Fix the command-line option parsing bug so that -dn and -nd work correctly, and switch to my current code for handling -v. Give the Subject header two more characters of output width.

Substantially update the documentation, including information about the partial RFC 2047 decoding and note the need for better handling in BUGS. Remove the bug about command-line option parsing. Note that continuation lines are not handled properly.

Reformat to my current formatting conventions.

Lines changed: +87 -75

1.0 (1998-11-29)

Added full POD documentation, moved the credits at the beginning into the POD documentation, added support for a usage option (-h).

Lines changed: +105 -7

0.7 (1998-02-09)

Added support for sorting messages by the Date headers, cleaned up the command line option parsing a good bit, and made a few other minor optimizations and major reworkings in the data flow.

Lines changed: +58 -28

0.6 (1998-01-20)

Added nfrm (mdfrm -n) support to summarize only new mail if so desired.

Lines changed: +24 -10

0.5 (1998-01-20)

Added logic to decode From headers that have been encoded using RFC 2047 MIME encoding.

Lines changed: +14 -1

0.4 (1997-10-16)

Detecting From and Subject headers should be case-insensitive.

Lines changed: +4 -4

0.3 (1997-08-11)

Sigh. Typo.

Lines changed: +3 -3

0.2 (1997-08-11)

Strip quotes off of names.

Lines changed: +3 -1

0.1 (1997-08-04)

*** empty log message ***

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