(Change a user's Kerberos password)


passwd_change user


passwd_change changes the password for user, who may be someone other than the person running the program. It may only be run by authorized users (normally Help Desk personnel); all others will receive an error message. The person running the program must have a valid ticket cache when running it and will be asked to reauthenticate as a security precaution. Then, user will be checked against the user database (in the form of a unified passwd file) and the user's full name will be displayed for verification if found. When changing the password for an account not listed in the passwd file, the user will not be found but one can elect to continue anyway. Finally, the user is prompted for the new password (twice).

This program uses the remctl protocol to talk to a central server to do the password change.


passwd_change needs four configuration parameters: The full path to a passwd file listing all of the local users (used only to get full names for verification that one got the right account), the service principal to use to authenticate to the password changing service, the host on which the password changing service is running, and the port on which the service is running. Defaults for these values are set at compilation time, but they can be overridden in the /etc/krb5.conf file (or wherever krb5.conf path the Kerberos libraries were compiled to use).

passwd_change looks for a passwd_change section in the [appdefaults] section of krb5.conf and supports the following configuration options:


The full path to a passwd file listing users. This file should be structured like a normal Unix /etc/passwd file; all fields except username and full name are ignored. This file is used only to retrieve the user's full name as a verification step that the correct account's password is being changed.


The port on which the password changing service is running. The default value is 4443.


The host on which the password changing service is running.


The Kerberos service for which to get credentials before changing passwords. This should match the Kerberos principal used by the remctld running the password changing service.

For example, here is the configuration for Stanford:

        passwd_change = {
            passwd_file       = /afs/ir/service/etc/passwd.all
            server            =
            port              = 4443
            service_principal = service/


The business of getting the target user's full name from a password file is an ugly hack that only happens to work at Stanford for legacy reasons. A saner method should be used, like querying an LDAP server.


Russ Allbery <>


Copyright 2007, 2008, 2013 The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University

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kadmin-backend(8), kpasswd(1), passwd(5), remctl(1), remctld(8)

This program is part of kadmin-remctl. The current version is available from <>.

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