(Database maintenance)


Use ovdb_init to start ovdb_monitor


When started (normally by ovdb_init that is invoked by rc.news), ovdb_monitor forks three processes that perform routine database maintenance tasks. These are transaction checkpointing (every 30 seconds), deadlock detection (every 30 seconds), and transaction log removal (every 45 seconds).

The process ID of the parent is written to ovdb_monitor.pid in the pathrun directory. This PID is used by other INN commands to verify that ovdb_monitor is running.

To shut down ovdb_monitor, send a TERM signal to the process ID in ovdb_monitor.pid. The parent process will shut down the three children and wait for their exit before exiting itself. Note that when running the rc.news stop command to stop the news system, rc.news automatically takes care of stopping ovdb_monitor.


Written by Heath Kehoe <hakehoe@avalon.net> for InterNetNews.


ovdb(5), ovdb_init(8), rc.news(8).

Last modified and spun 2023-12-26