INN Contributors

The following is a list of the people (in roughly chronological order) who've helped out. If anyone's name has been left out (probably), or if something has been incorrectly attributed to you (ditto), please let us know.

Rich Salz:

Designed and wrote most of it.

Bob Halley:

Did the TCL extension.

Christophe Wolfhugel:

Did the Perl extension and provided several other fixes.

Doug Needham:

Made nnrpd spool if innd is unavailable. Made nnrpd handle the LIST SUBSCRIPTIONS command. Added the rebuilding of control connections to innd (SIGUSR1). Got inews to ask the nntp peer for moderator info instead of digging it out of a local file.

David Lawrence:

Did the hooks for PGP verificiation of control messages, added actived support for syncing against an active file obtained via ftp.

John Stapleton:

Wrote the poison newsgroup code ('@') for newsfeeds(5). Wrote the too-many-connects support ('-X -H -T' flags to innd).

Landon Curt Noll:

Wrote or co-wrote actsync, nntpsend, shrinkfile, innstat, news.daily, tally.control and various man pages. He also was the person originally behind the site directory configuration/installation process.

John Levine:

Wrote the '-e' support for expire (expire on shortest time).

Matthias Urlichs:

Made rnews recognise gzip compression. Made newsfeeds(5) take the 'Wp' flag.

Stefan Petri:

Did the original XBATCH support.

Russel Street:

Did more XBATCH support.

Alan Barrett:

Did the work-limiter in the select loop to stop streaming from killing performance.

Greg Patten:

Wrote the perl innlog.

Clayton O'Neill:

Wrote the articles storage API and implemented the timehash and regular storage mechanisms with it. He made significant modifications to dbz. Integrating innfeed, adding Xref slaving, the history cache, the WIP rewrite and various speedups were also his doing. Provided the tradindexed overview mechanism. Implemented the 'O' flag in newsfeeds. Did a bunch of early work on the CVS repository, reorganization of the code, and committing patches from others.

Vincent Archer:

Wrote the initial autoconf scripts.

Forrest J. Cavalier III:

Provided a lot of bug fixes to 1.5.2. He extended the autoconf setup a lot to work with version 2.0, and has provided a lot of valuable design input and testing.

Scott Fritchie:

Wrote the CNFS storage back-end.

Fabien Tassin:

Wrote the innreport package. Implemented the new incoming.conf configuration file. Added support for nested profile timers.

Jeremy Nixon:

Wrote the initial patch for Perl filtering of message-IDs on IHAVE or CHECK and other patches related to the filtering code.

Karl Kleinpaste:

Wrote the experimental code for automatically generating keywords from incoming articles and putting those keywords in the overview for the use of readers.

Dave Hayes:

Along with some bugfixes, Dave wrote the posting-backoff code for nnrpd and the patches to the perl hooks to make the headers modifiable.

Joe Greco:

Wrote the code for measuring the timing of various parts of innd and the original actived code.

Sang-yong Suh:

Provided the fuzzy offset technique to dbz.

Katsuhiro Kondou:

Provided unified overview, the buffindexed overview method, trash storage method, spool translation method, traditional expire policy for articles stored through storage API and expireindex, as well as hundreds of fixes to clean up defects as changes were made. Did a large amount of man page documentation and clean up. Has also been a major force in the CVS pool maintenace.

Russell Vincent:

Expanded inn.conf to make many of the old compile time options into run time variables. Numerous bug fixes, small feature enhancements and man updates.

Darrell Fuhriman:

Provided various bug fixes and contributed to the pre-SM CNFS development.

Steve Carrie:

Modified nnrpd to allow detailed client tracking, added the '-R' flag to nnrpd.

Ed Mooring:

Wrote the first Perl filter callbacks into INN.

Aidan Cully:

Provided the patches to support the new readers.conf file, and wrote the initial user authenticators and resolvers for the readers.conf. Provided the patches to support the new storage.conf format. Added the option to store articles based on the Expires header. Also added the '@' article exclusion code to incoming.conf.

Andrew Gierth:

Contributed improvements to the nnrpd Perl filtering support to give access to message bodies and support the DROP and SPOOL keywords in filter returns.

Russ Allbery:

Has done large amounts of clean-up on various pieces of the system (especially the documentation and build system), and has helped with the CVS pool maintenance. Improved the speed and portability of the Perl filter. Rewrote the tradindexed overview method for additional robustness. Has done extensive work on libinn, breaking out common code from other parts of INN. Lots of other fixes to various parts of INN.

Kai Henningsen:

Implemented the 'C' and 'U' flags in newsfeeds.

Julio Sanchez:

Wrote the initial libtool support for INN.

Igor Timkin:

Added min-queue-connection support to innfeed, added outgoing volume logging and reporting, and provided a variety of bug fixes.

Heath Kehoe:

Various portability and bug fixes, wrote the ovdb overview mechanism that uses Berkeley DB.

Richard Todd:

Implemented the timecaf and tradspool storage mechanisms, as well as many bug fixes and other contributions.

Brian Kantor:

Wrote the news2mail gateway.

Ilya Etingof:

Added Python authentication support for nnrpd.

Kenichi OKADA:

Added preliminary SSL and SASL support for nnrpd.

Olaf Titz:

Implemented MODE CANCEL support, as well as other patches and bug fixes.

Sven Paulus:

Wrote the support for variables in newsfeeds, contributed various other patches and bug fixes.

Krischan Jodies:

Wrote the SMB authenticator.

Alex Kiernan:

Wrote the history API, generalized the timer code in innd and innfeed into a generic timer library, reworked the NEWNEWS code and added a history cache, and contributed various other bug fixes.

Marco d'Itri:

Wrote gpgverify and overhauled controlchan and its modules. Added IPv6 support to innd and inndstart. Contributed a rewritten send-uucp. Has also contributed a variety of bug fixes and helped with testing.

Jeffrey M. Vinocur:

Broke parts of the interface with nnrpd for authentication programs into a separate library, added various features to readers.conf, and wrote various other fixes and feature improvements, particularly to nnrpd.

Erik Klavon:

Significantly reworked nnrpd Perl and Python hooks to be more useful in combination with the readers.conf mechanism.

Nathan Lutchansky:

Added IPv6 support to innfeed, nnrpd, and supporting programs.

Ken Murchison:

Implemented SASL authentication support for nnrpd.


Dave Barr:

Kept INN alive after Rich Salz didn't have the time any more but before ISC took over. He released 4 unofficial versions that provided a good boost to what ISC started with. Minor work on 2.0, mostly with example files and minor code tweaks.

James Brister:

The chief maintainer of INN from when ISC took over maintenance through the 2.2 release, James is also the original author of innfeed and has made fixes, improvements, and feature additions all over the code.

Marc Fournier:

Provided various bug fixes and did a lot of work integrating other peoples patches and looking after the CVS pool. Helped significantly with the conversion to autoconf. Added the ability to set connection limits on a per-host basis.

Joshua M. Thompson:

Wrote the original INSTALL documentation.

The following people helped above and beyond the call of duty with testing (provided patches, bug reports, suggestions, documentation improvements, and lobbying):

Paul Vixie, Robert Elz, Evan Champion, Robert Keller, Barry Bouwsma,, Ollivier Robert, Kevin Jameson, Heiko W. Rupp, Fletcher Mattox, Matus Uhlar, Gabor Kiss, Matthias Scheler, Richard Michael Todd, Trevor Riley, Alex Bligh, J. Porter Clark, Alan Brown, Bert Hyman, Petter Nilsen, Gary E. Miller, Kim Culhan, Marc Baudoin, Neal Becker, Bjorn Knutsson, Stephen Marquard, Frederick Korz, Benedict Lofstedt, Dan Ellis, Joe Ramey, Odd Einar Aurbakken, Jon Lewis, Dan Riley, Peter Eriksson, Ken Lalonde, Koichi Mouri, J. Richard Sladkey, Trine Krogstad, Holger Burbach, Per Hedeland, Larry Rosenman, Andrew Burgess, Michael Brunnbauer, Mohan Kokal, Robert R. Collier, Mark Hittinger, Miquel van Smoorenburg, Boyd Lynn Gerber, Yury B. Razbegin, Joe St. Sauver, Heiko Schlichting, John P. Speno, Scott Gifford, Steve Parr, Robert Kiessling, Francis Swasey, Paul Tomblin, Florian La Roche, Curt Welch, Thomas Mike Michlmayr, Kizu Takashi, Michael Hall, Jeff King, Edward S. Marshall, Michael Schroeder, George Lindholm, Don Lewis, Christopher Masto, Hiroaki Sengoku, Yury July, Yar Tikhiy, Kees Bakker, Peter da Silva, Matt McLeod, Ed Korthof, Jan Rychter, Winfried Magerl, Andreas Lamrecht, Duane Currie, Ian Dickinson, Bettina Fink, Todd Olson, Jochen Erwied, Rebecca Ore, Felicia Neff, Ben Rosengart, Antonio Querubin, Bear Giles, Ian Hastie, Greg Andruk, Frank Copeland, Andrew Stribblehill, Erik Mouritzen, Ernst Boetsch, Piotr Meyer, David Canzi, Brandon Hume, Christopher P. Lindsey, Winfried Szukalski, Edvard Tuinder, Viktor Pilpenok, Frank McConnell, Ilya A. Kovalenko, Steve Youngs, Jacek Konieczny, Ilya Voronin, Sergey Babitch, Watanabe Katsuhiro, Fred Senault, Chris Caputo, Thomas Parleman, Adam J. Richter, Jim Dutton, Julien Elie, Ray Miller, Andreas M. Kirchwitz, Andrey Yakovlev, Christoph Biedl, Kai Gallasch, Ollivier Robert, Ivan Shmakov, Kachun Lee, Kirill Berezin, Dieter Stussy, Alan Schwartz, Shalon Wood, Nick Couchman, Jakub Bogusz, J. Thomas Halliley, Matija Nalis, Geraint A. Edwards, Alexander Bartolich, David Hlacik, Andreas Mattheiss, James Ralston, Wim Lewis, Johan van Selst, Wolfgang M. Weyand, Berend Reitsma, William Kronert, Petr Novopashenniy, Steve Crook, John F. Morse, Tim Woodall, Jonathan Kamens, Kamil Jonca, S.P. Zeidler, Nix, Florian Schlichting, Torsten Jerzembeck, Harald Dunkel, Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen, Sam Varshavchik, Matthew Vernon, Ian Jackson, Edmund H. Ramm, Raphael Barrois, Bo Lindbergh, Matthias Meyser, Dennis Preiser, Paolo Amoroso, Dennis Davis, River Tarnell, Jochen Schmitt, Tim Fardell, Remco Rijnders, David Binderman, Tony Evans, Christian Garbs, Jesse Rehmer, Colin Watson, Lauri Tirkkonen, Christian Mock, Marcus Jodorf, Richard Kettlewell, Yuriy M. Kaminskiy, Bill Parker, Thomas Hochstein, Tanguy Ortolo, Michael Baeuerle, Kevin Bowling

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