INN Installation Checklist

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Compile (when installing from scratch)
  3. Parameter
  4. Run
  5. Additional Configuration
  6. Feeds
  7. Readers


This is an installation checklist initially written by Rebecca Ore, intended to be the beginning of a different presentation of the information in INSTALL, since getting started with installing INN can be complex. Further clarifications, updates, and expansion are welcome.

This checklist explains the steps to follow for a standard installation with reasonable defaults.

The first part of this documentation can be skipped if INN is already installed on your system. Some distributions provide a package, which should be used in preference of building from stratch.

Compile (when installing from scratch)



Additional Configuration

The following features are commonly used. Though not mandatory, they are recommended and can of course be set up later.


All of this can be done while INN is running.


Last modified and spun 2022-12-12