INN 2.6 Documentation

This documentation is from the current INN 2.6 STABLE branch. It should be the most accurate current information for all releases of INN 2.6, but is only guaranteed to reflect the current STABLE snapshots (which may be changed over the last INN 2.6 release).

Available from this page is all the documentation that has been converted to POD, but not yet all of INN's documentation. Some is still only available in nroff format. More extensive documentation can be obtained by downloading the INN 2.6 distribution.

Basic documentation:

Documentation for developers:

Filtering and authentication hook documentation:

Configuration files:

Primary daemons and utilities to start them:

Data files:

Outgoing feeds:

Article posting utilities:

Overview method documentation:

User utilities:

Expiration and maintenance utilities:

Special article processing:

Support utilities:

Authentication programs:

CNFS storage support utilities:

OVDB overview support utilities:

Tradindexed overview support utilities:

Tradspool storage support utilities:

Support library documentation:

Perl support:

Contributed software:

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