INN To-Do List

This is a rough and informal list of suggested improvements to INN, parts of INN that need work, and other tasks yet undone. Some of these may be in progress, in which case the person working on them will be noted in square brackets and should be contacted if you want to help. Otherwise, let know if you'd like to work on any item listed below.

The list is divided into changes already tentatively scheduled for a particular release, higher priority changes that will hopefully be done in the near future, small or medium-scale projects for the future, and long-term, large-scale problems. Note that just because a particular feature is scheduled for a later release doesn't mean it can't be completed earlier if someone decides to take it on. The association of features with releases is intended to be a rough guide for prioritization and a set of milestones to use to judge when a new major release is justified.

Also, one major thing that is always welcome is additions to the test suite, which is currently very minimal. Any work done on the test suite to allow more portions of INN to be automatically tested will make all changes easier and will be greatly appreciated.

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Scheduled for INN 2.5

Scheduled for INN 2.6

High Priority Projects

Documentation Projects

Code Cleanup Projects

Needed Bug Fixes

Requested New Features

General Projects

Long-Term Projects

Complete Code Reorganization

At some point, we should probably abandon and archive the current CVS repository, reimport all of the current source files, and start with a fresh repository with a better revision control system such as Subversion. A better revision control system would let us rename and move things around arbitrarily, something CVS doesn't handle at all well. Should this ever be done, we should consider doing all of the following at the same time:

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