(nnrpd Samba authenticator)


auth_smb server [backup_server] domain


This program does authentication for nnrpd against an SMB server. It passes the received username and password to server for validation in the specified SMB domain. A backup server may optionally be supplied; if it is missing, only server is used.

If authentication is successful, the original username is returned as the authentication identity. Brief errors, including incorrect password and failure contacting the server, are logged.


The following readers.conf(5) fragment grants access to users who can authenticate against an SMB server:

    auth windows {
        auth: "auth_smb USERS"
        default-domain: ""

    access internal {
        users: "*"
        newsgroups: example.*

Access is granted to the example.* groups after successful authentication.


We should link against an external SMB library rather than maintain one within the INN source tree.


Originally written October 2000 by Krischan Jodies <>, based heavily on pam_smb v1.1.6 by David Airlie <>. This documentation was written by Jeffrey M. Vinocur <>.



nnrpd(8), readers.conf(5)

Last modified and spun 2022-12-12