User-Visible DocKnot Changes

DocKnot 1.06 (2018-08-31)

When generating text output, put the footnotes containing URLs for links immediately following the containing paragraph rather than the end of the text block. This is both more readable and avoids odd placement of the footnotes when a template adds further paragraphs to the end of a text block containing footnotes.

Do not wrap paragraphs in output that seem to be a bunch of short lines, and add support for broken quotes (multiple short lines, such as poetry) in quotes in the thread template.

Adjust the README and template to say that make warnings requires either GCC or Clang, instead of only mentioning GCC.

Adjust the wording for the list information URL when package releases are announced on a mailing list.

Add support for additional developer documentation links in the thread output template.

Add support for contributed program documentation links in the thread output template.

DocKnot 1.05 (2018-05-05)

Add the Travis-CI badge to and a link to Travis-CI to the thread development links if the vcs.travis key is set in metadata.json.

Add a badge for the CPAN version to and a link to in the thread output if the distribution.cpan key is set in metadata.json.

Move the description of Lancaster Consensus environment variables into the testing section of README and instead of the requirements section, since they're more about running the tests and less about package requirements in general.

Add support for a new packaging/extra metadata file (setting the packaging.extra key in templates) and use it in the thread template.

Correctly handle multi-paragraph debian.summary metadata in the thread template.

Fix formatting bug in the README template when additional bootstrap documentation is provided.

DocKnot now requires Perl 5.24 or later.

DocKnot 1.04 (2018-03-24)

Fix SPDX test failure on Windows.

DocKnot 1.03 (2018-03-17)

Add support for a new metadata file, support/extra, that includes information that should be added into the middle of the normal SUPPORT section of README and files.

Add a paragraph to the license section of README and saying that SPDX license identifiers are in use and providing a pointer to the SPDX license list.

Add SPDX-License-Identifier headers to all substantial source files, and add a test to check for them.

DocKnot 1.02 (2017-12-31)

Support quoted paragraphs (each line starting with ">") and turn them into indentation when turning markup into plain text.

Support numbered lists when converting to thread.

Force long, unbreakable lines to be left intact when wrapping.

When wrapping paragraphs, preserve two spaces after periods even when the period comes before a closing parenthesis or quote mark.

Support test/prefix metadata, which replaces the introduction to the test instructions.

Add new license text BSD-3-clause-or-GPL-1+ to support pam-krb5. Support markdown formatting in license texts when converting to thread to handle the numbered clauses.

Support more complex quote attributions in thread output, and automatically add \cite[] around work names if they don't contain double quotes.

Add security advisory support to the thread template.

DocKnot 1.01 (2016-12-25)

Add build and test instructions for Autoconf packages, including details about Kerberos configuration, to the README and templates. Allow a testing section in the metadata to override the added testing section. Add a flag to indicate that the package is not intended to be installed, which suppresses some of the template.

Add support for license notices (the notices metadata file), which should be appended to the end of the stock license statement wherever it is generated.

Add support for stock building and installation sections for Perl module packages using either Module::Build or ExtUtils::MakeMaker.

Add thread template support for annotating quotes shorter than 80 characters with the "short" class.

Add support for additional bootstrapping requirements in a separate bootstrap metadata file, appended to the Autotools bootstrapping section (at least for right now).

Allow markup in the license notices section.

DocKnot 1.00 (2016-10-26)

Initial public release. Supports generating text and Markdown README files and a thread index page. There is some automation of the requirements section, but only automation for the build and test section for Module::Build Perl modules.

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