(Parse a control.ctl file into hierarchy config files)


parse-ctl control.ctl


parse-ctl reads a control.ctl file and attempts to parse it into configuration fragments. It creates a config directory in the current directory and writes those fragments into that directory, named after the hierarchy for which they contain information. Any entries that can't be parsed are stored verbatim in a config/special directory, which is also created by this script. This is the structure used as input to the generate-files program.


This program was written while I was bootstrapping the new Netnews control message processing and archiving system as a one-shot conversion process from the old global control.ctl file. I tweaked it to meet my needs at the time and then ran it once, and since then the configuration files have been edited and new features have been added that are not present in this script. You should not expect to be able to generate the current config tree from the current control.ctl file using this script.

This script is provided just in case it might prove useful for importing new data, and in case anyone wishes to update it or refer to it.


Russ Allbery <>


control.ctl(5), generate-files(1)

This script is part of the control-archive package. The control-archive web page at <> will have the current version of the package.

Last modified and spun 2018-03-18