(Export the newsgroup database as an active file)




This program takes the database maintained by process-control and update-control and exports it as an active and newsgroups file in a format suitable for import into news software or for use with tools like actsync(8).

export-control generates an active file numered so that all of the groups are empty and a standard-format newsgroups file as well as versions of both files compressed with gzip and bzip2. At the same time, it also copies the current control.ctl file into the export directory and copies any log files that it finds into a LOGS subdirectory.

It is meant to be run periodically from cron to update a directory that is exported to other systems somehow (such as by a web server).



The database of active groups, updated as described above. It is locked against simultaneous access by using fcntl locking on a file by the same name but with .lock appended.


The control.ctl file used by process-control to determine which control messages should be applied to the active newsgroups database. Just copied into the export directory by export-control.


The export directory into which the generated active and newsgroups files are put. Logs are copied into a LOGS subdirectory. Other files in this directory are left untouched.


Where actions are logged by process-control and update-control. %Y is replaced by the current four-digit year and %m by the current two digit month. export-control scans for any files fitting this name pattern and copies them into a LOGS subdirectory of the export directory.


Russ Allbery <eagle@eyrie.org>


process-control(1), update-control(1)

This script is part of the control-archive package. The control-archive web page at <https://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/software/control-archive/> will have the current version of the package.

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