(Tell a TAP harness that all of a test case is skipped)


#include <tap/basic.h>

void skip_all(const char *format, ...);


skip_all() tells a TAP harness that all of a test case is being skipped. format may be NULL to give no reason; if format is not NULL, it should be a printf-style format string with optional following arguments that explains the reason why the test case was skipped. skip_all() will print an output line like:

    1..0 # skip <reason>

and then exit with an exit status of 0. skip_all() must be called before plan() or plan_lazy(), since it presents an alternative plan to the TAP test harness.

skip_all() should be used if prerequisites for a test case are not met and it would be meaningless to run that test case (if, for example, optional test configuration is not present, or if the test case only applies to a particular platform).


None. skip_all() exits the program with an exit status of 0 when called.


Russ Allbery <>


Copyright 2010, 2013 Russ Allbery <>

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SPDX-License-Identifier: FSFAP


plan(3), skip(3)

The current version of the C TAP Harness library is available from its web page at <>.

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