Change History

2013-11-15  Jon Robertson

VERSION: Release 2.01.

This is mostly to be retired, though for now keeping the AFSDBmodule. Minor rewrites there to use Postgres and keytab withoutpassword.2008-01-18 Jon Robertson <>* VERSION: Release 2.00.

Rewritten all modules to switch to using MySQL. Removed thesqlldr function.2004-10-08 Russ Allbery <>* VERSION: Release 1.06.

lib/Stanford/LSDB/ (history_log): New method.
(service_check): New method.
(service_set): New method.

2004-10-04  Russ Allbery

VERSION: Release 1.05.

lib/Stanford/ (connect): Set PrintError to false and RaiseError and AutoCommit to true automatically.

2004-04-20  Russ Allbery

VERSION: Release 1.04.

lib/Stanford/LSDB/ Fix the last change to not break the correct class of the module and to declare the right subclasses.
lib/Stanford/LSDB/ Likewise.
lib/Stanford/ Likewise.

VERSION: Release 1.03.

lib/Stanford/LSDB/ Add the needed additional subclassing for DBI 1.40.
lib/Stanford/LSDB/ Likewise.
lib/Stanford/ Likewise.

2002-01-03  Russ Allbery

VERSION: Release 1.02.

lib/Stanford/LSDB/ New file.
t/userdb.t: New file.

t/lsdb.t: Log in as system and get the password from a file.

2001-11-28  Russ Allbery

VERSION: Release 1.01.

2001-11-21  Jon Pilat

lib/Stanford/LSDB/ Point at and at Oracle SID lsdb.
t/lsdb.t: Likewise.

2001-10-25  Russ Allbery

t/afsdb.t: Rewrite to use the Test module and test table creation, sqlldr, table truncation, and table deletion. Print out the exit status if sqlldr fails.

lib/Stanford/LSDB/ (sqlldr): New method.

lib/Stanford/ (connect): Point ORACLE_HOME to the pubsw Oracle installation to match the libraries against which the Perl module was compiled.
(_read_password): New method.
(connect_file): Use it.
(sqlldr): New method.

2001-10-23  Russ Allbery Initial version.
LSDB/ Initial version.
t/lsdb.t: Initial version.
t/afsdb.t: Initial version.

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