afsdb-query Change History

1.10 (2008-09-02)

Allow for show and describe sql statments. Hack to fix up the help command from remctl.

Lines changed: +9 -5

1.9 (2008-01-23)

Updated AFS reporting scripts for lsdb-new, with changed ID strings for cvs export for Debian packaging, code cleanup, and changes to work with newer Stanford::LSDB for MySQL.

Lines changed: +4 -2

1.8 (2005-02-03)

Add a copyright statement at the top of the script as well.

Lines changed: +4 -1

1.7 (2005-02-03)

Use the latest version printing code and add a COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE section.

Lines changed: +10 -3

1.6 (2005-02-03)

Add a link to the distribution web page.

Lines changed: +8 -1

1.5 (2005-02-03)

Note that this script doesn't provide any security or protection against execution of arbitrary commands.

Lines changed: +10 -1

1.4 (2004-11-30)

Set require_order in the Getopt::Long configuration so that people can't use command-line options via remctl.

Lines changed: +2 -2

1.3 (2004-10-08)

Remove unnecessary error handling now that Stanford::LSDB always sets RaiseError. Use SQL parameters wherever possible rather than interpolating strings into the SQL block.

Lines changed: +2 -3

1.2 (2004-04-28)

Recognize and ignore an initial argument of "query" for use under remctld.

Lines changed: +13 -2

1.1 (2004-04-28)

Initial version.

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