User-Visible afs-monitor Changes

afs-monitor 2.4 (2013-01-12)

Support filtering the volumes considered on a particular server by a regular expression in check_afs_quotas. The regular expression is specified with a new -r option. Patch from Christian Ospelkaus.

Also ignore bos status output from long-running scheduled jobs, such as AFS backups, in check_bos_status. Patch from Georg Sluyterman.

afs-monitor 2.3 (2013-01-09)

Fix bug in check_afs_quotas when checking all volumes on a partition that has read-only or backup volumes. Patch from Michael Meffie. Thanks also to Georg Sluyterman and Christian Ospelkaus.

Correctly ignore bos status output from scheduled jobs in check_afs_bos. Patch from Georg Sluyterman.

afs-monitor 2.2 (2011-03-03)

Add a -d flag to check_afs_space that prints out Nagios performance data for the percent usage of each partition checked. Based on a patch by Breandan Dezendorf.

Correctly handle partitions containing no read/write volumes in check_afs_quotas. Thanks, Daniel Scott.

The vos binary is installed in sbin by the Red Hat packages and the default upstream installation rules, so check in sbin as well as bin. Patch from Daniel Scott. Also fall back, for all AFS binaries, to using PATH if the binary can't be found in known locations.

Correctly handle checking quota of volumes with unlimited quota without a division by zero error. Patch from Erik Dalén.

afs-monitor 2.1 (2010-12-08)

Fix a bug in check_afs_space introduced in the previous release with checking all partitions on a particular server.

afs-monitor 2.0 (2010-12-07)

Initial tarball release, based on check_afsspace 1.16, check_bos 1.7, check_rxdebug 1.11, and check_udebug 1.3.

Rename check_afsspace to check_afs_space, check_bos to check_afs_bos, check_rxdebug to check_afs_rxdebug, and check_udebug to check_afs_udebug for more consistent naming and easier identification of the AFS Nagios probes.

Add check_afs_quotas, which monitors AFS volumes for quota usage, either for specific volumes or for all volumes on a particular server (and optionally partition). Based on a script by Steve Rader.

Support checking a single partition in check_afs_space and print more verbose information about total, used, and free space in that mode. Format partition sizes using Number::Format if available. Based on work by Steve Rader.

If the salvager is running (such as when started manually with bos salvage), check_afs_wbos now reports a warning stating that, rather than a critical error showing the auxiliary status line. Reported by Steve Rader.

Print an UNKNOWN status on standard output on syntax errors in all scripts, rather than reporting the problem only to standard error. Check that the host to check was specified and report a syntax error if it wasn't. Thanks, Tobias Wolter.

Ignore "bos: running unauthenticated" in check_afs_bos, since bos status is always run unauthenticated.

Add support for reporting warnings in check_afs_bos and report a warning if there is inappropriate access on server directories. Patch from Steve Rader.

If check_afs_bos is successful, report the number of instances running normally. Patch from Steve Rader.

Look for rxdebug in /usr/sbin and /usr/local/sbin since OpenAFS installs it into sbindir by default.

Report the database version as extra information in check_afs_udebug if there are no errors or warnings.

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