afs-balance Change History

1.14 (2014-03-21)

Update link to iLOG/CPLEX in the documentation.

Lines changed: +2 -2

1.13 (2013-09-21)

Fix links to CPLEX, AMPL, mvto, and volcreate in the documentation.

Lines changed: +4 -5

1.12 (2010-07-05)


Lines changed: +7 -5

1.11 (2009-11-04)

Correctly handle missing volumes during balance result parsing

When a volume goes missing between the time of the AFS reporting dump and the time of generating a balance solution, that volume should be skipped in the output of a mvto volume list. The code to print a warning was there, but a line was still printed to the output volume list with incomplete information. Actually skip that volume.

Lines changed: +5 -4

1.10 (2009-10-14)

Adjust for the new output format of CPLEX. The column headings of the output used to be surrounded by '', but now they just have the variables. Allow for either.

Lines changed: +2 -1

1.9 (2008-01-31)

Fixed a typo.

Lines changed: +2 -2

1.8 (2008-01-23)

Updated AFS reporting scripts for lsdb-new, with changed ID strings for cvs export for Debian packaging, code cleanup, and changes to work with newer Stanford::LSDB for MySQL.

Lines changed: +5 -3

1.7 (2007-10-15)

Minor documentation fix (missing one step in the partition balance).

Lines changed: +2 -1

1.6 (2005-09-09)

Use cplexamp as the solver instead of just cplex; it's more correct.

Lines changed: +2 -2

1.5 (2005-02-03)

Rename to afs-balance and add a URL to its web site.

Lines changed: +27 -24

1.4 (2005-01-25)

Add the partinfo requirement to the documentation.

Lines changed: +10 -4

1.3 (2005-01-25)

The argument consistency checking didn't allow for the -r option.

Lines changed: +2 -2

1.2 (2005-01-25)

machinesort takes an array, not a scalar.

Lines changed: +2 -2

1.1 (2005-01-25)

Rename to afsdb-balance from prepbalance. Merge with dobalance, adding a -r mode to process the AMPL result. Add prototypes to the rest of the functions. Add complete documentation and a free license.

Lines changed: +480 -41

1.0 (2005-01-23)

Rework and reorganize for clarity and for a more modular style. Modified to use Oracle rather than Sybase and to use DBI. Add two additional balancing modes, one which balances by server (ignoring partition) and one which balances between partitions on a particular server, ignoring accesses. Add better command-line parsing and a command-line option to override the fudge factor.

Lines changed: +376 -265

0.13 (2002-05-20)

Altered references to afs material from site/leland/afs to service/afs.

Lines changed: +2 -2

0.12 (2000-03-01)

Modifed to use new afsdb owner username and password file. The script now must be run as root on dcodb as it needs access to the password file.

Lines changed: +8 -3

0.11 (1999-08-16)

Default to mipsolutions=2, use the canonical balance.mod file in /afs/ir/site/leland/afs/data rather than requiring a copy in the same directory.

Lines changed: +5 -3

0.10 (1999-08-16)

Clarify a comment about the fudge factor.

Lines changed: +3 -4

0.9 (1999-08-14)

unquote needs the /g flag on its regex.

Lines changed: +2 -2

0.8 (1999-08-14)

Generate the AMPL input script as well.

Lines changed: +27 -1

0.7 (1999-08-14)

Output the current status of the balance as comments in the AMPL file.

Lines changed: +30 -2

0.6 (1999-08-14)

Completely rewritten and cleaned up. Allows an arbitrary number of arbitrary server/partition pairs rather than balancing a single server (or two servers).

Lines changed: +281 -221

0.5 (1998-02-18)

compute pure RW or pure RO balance sets as appropriate, auto-detected.

Lines changed: +25 -8

0.4 (1998-02-18)

switch to proportional fudge factors, not absolute slacks

Lines changed: +6 -4

0.3 (1998-02-18)

generalized location code so handles any number of partitions

Lines changed: +17 -25

0.2 (1998-02-18)

converted to adapt to uneven partition factors, autocomputed. still retains 3-4 partition limitation.

Lines changed: +40 -31

0.1 (1998-02-17)

Initial revision

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