User-Visible afs-admin-tools Changes

afs-admin-tools 2.1 (unreleased)

Add a new -A option to mvto, which uses -localauth for all vos commands so that there's no risk of tokens expiring. This requires running mvto as root on a system with access to the AFS KeyFile. Based on work by Niklas Edmundsson.

afs-admin-tools 2.0 (2013-01-15)

Initial tarball release, based on frak 1.34, fsr 1.14, lsmounts 1.8, mvto 1.17, partinfo 1.3, volcreate 1.26, volcreate-logs 1.22, and volnuke 1.15.

All utilities now load /etc/afs-admin-tools/config if it exists and honor configuration variables set there. All utilities now document their supported configuration variables.

Look for AFS utilities on the user's PATH by default, except for vos where /usr/local/sbin and /usr/sbin are checked first (since those directories may not be on the PATH).

volcreate no longer requires mount points begin with the Stanford-specific path prefix. Instead, a new configuration variable, $VOLCREATE_MOUNT_PREFIX, can be set in the configuration file to require mount point paths begin with that prefix. If the prefix requires read/write paths and the read-only path is given, it will be converted automatically rather than failing.

volcreate no longer runs loadmtpt by default. To enable loadmtpt support, set $LOADMTPT in the configuration file to the path to the loadmtpt utility. Checking of the mount point prefix is only done if loadmtpt support is enabled, since otherwise it doesn't matter how the mount point path is designated.

Remove support for Kerberos v4 authentication in volcreate-logs. This only applies to the -k option, not to use of pre-existing credentials.

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