Reviews of Sunburst Award Winners

This is a list of Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic winners (in the adult category, once the categories were distinguished), including ratings for those books that I've read and links to reviews where I've written one. This is a juried award given to the best speculative fiction novel or book-length collection by a Canadian author.

The Sunburst Award has been on hiatus since 2021 due to the pandemic.

2020 Silvia Moreno-Garcia Gods of Jade and Shadow
2019 Andromeda Romano-Lax Plum Rains
2018 David Demchuk The Bone Mother
2017 Claire Humphrey Spells of Blood and Kin
2016 Gemma Files Experimental Film
2015 Thomas King The Back of the Turtle
2014 Ruth Ozeki A Tale for the Time Being
2013 Martine Desjardins Maleficium
2012 Geoff Ryman Paradise Tales
2011 Guy Gavriel Kay Under Heaven 10 out of 10
2010 A.M. Dellamonica Indigo Springs
2009 Andrew Davidson The Gargoyle
2008 Nalo Hopkinson The New Moon's Arms
2007 Mark Frutkin Fabrizio's Return
2006 Holy Phillips In the Palace of Repose
2005 Geoff Ryman Air 10 out of 10
2004 Cory Doctorow A Place So Foreign and 8 More
2003 Nalo Hopkinson Skin Folk
2002 Margaret Sweatman When Alice Lay Down with Peter
2001 Sean Stewart Galveston

Ratings for books that don't have a review are based on my memory of the book. The rating may well change if I get a chance to read the book again.

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