Reviews of Ursula K. Le Guin Prize Shortlist

This is a list of the winners and shortlist of the Ursula K. Le Guin Prize for Fiction, an annual prize given to a writer for a single work of imaginative fiction. The focus of the award is on "realists of a larger reality, who can imagine real grounds for hope and see alternatives to how we live now." This is a juried award.

The list includes ratings for those books that I've read and links to reviews where I've written one. Winners are in bold. Note that eligibilty for this award goes back one year from the close of nominations and doesn't align on year boundaries.

2023 Rebecca Campbell Arboreality
2023 Christiane M. Andrews Wolfish
2023 Nicola Griffith Spear
2023 Yuri Herrera Ten Planets
2023 Simon Jimenez The Spear Cuts Through Water
2023 Zain Khalid Brother Alive
2023 Akil Kumarasamy Meet Us by the Roaring Sea
2023 R.B. Lemberg Geometries of Belonging
2023 Yvette Lisa Ndlovu Drinking from Graveyard Wells
2022 Khadija Abdalla Bajaber The House of Rust
2022 Matt Bell Appleseed
2022 Darcie Little Badger A Snake Falls to Earth
2022 Sequoia Nagamatsu How High We Go in the Dark
2022 Olga Ravn The Employees
2022 Michelle Ruiz Keil Summer in the City of Roses
2022 Adrian Tchaikovsky Elder Race 7 out of 10
2022 Catherynne M. Valente The Past is Red 7 out of 10
2022 Cynthia Zhang After the Dragons

Ratings for books that don't have a review are based on my memory of the book. The rating may well change if I get a chance to read the book again.

Last modified and spun 2023-11-04