Reviews of Prix Aurora Award Winners

This is a list of Prix Aurora Award winners for best novel in English, including ratings for those books that I've read and links to reviews where I've written one. This award is for the best science fiction or fantasy novel or fiction collection written by a Canadian author and published in Canada and is voted on by the members of the Canadian national science fiction and fantasy convention.

Prior to 1989, this was the award for Best Outstanding Work. Between 1989 and 2011, this was the Award for Best Long Form. From 2011 on, it's the award for Best Novel. In all cases, this is the English category; there are separate awards given for French language works.

2023 Kate Heartfield The Embroidered Book
2022 Fonda Lee Jade Legacy
2021 Silvia Moreno-Garcia Mexican Gothic
2020 Julie E. Czerneda The Gossamer Mage
2019 Kate Heartfield Armed in Her Fashion
2018 Fonda Lee Jade City
2017 Robert J. Sawyer Quantum Night
2016 A.M. Dellamonica A Daughter of No Nation
2015 Julie E. Czerneda A Play of Shadow
2014 Julie E. Czerneda A Turn of Light
2013 Tanya Huff The Silvered
2012 Robert J. Sawyer Wonder
2011 Robert J. Sawyer Watch
2010 Robert J. Sawyer Wake 6 out of 10
2009 Edward Willett Marseguro
2008 Nalo Hopkinson The New Moon's Arms
2007 Dave Duncan Children of Chaos
2006 Karin Lowachee Cagebird
2005 Edo van Belkom Wolf Pack
2004 Robert Charles Wilson Blind Lake
2003 Karl Schroeder Permanence 9 out of 10
2002 Julie E. Czerneda In the Company of Others
2001 Eileen Kernaghan The Snow Queen
2000 Robert J. Sawyer Flashforward
1999 Robert Charles Wilson Darwinia
1998 Candas Jane Dorsey Black Wine 8 out of 10
1997 Robert J. Sawyer Starplex
1996 Robert J. Sawyer The Terminal Experiment 2 out of 10
1995 William Gibson Virtual Light
1994 Sean Stewart Nobody's Son 8 out of 10
1993 Sean Stewart Passion Play 6 out of 10
1992 Robert J. Sawyer Golden Fleece
1991 Guy Gavriel Kay Tigana 8 out of 10
1990 Dave Duncan West of January
1989 William Gibson Mona Lisa Overdrive
1988 Charles de Lint Jack, the Giant-Killer 7 out of 10
1987 Guy Gavriel Kay The Wandering Fire 8 out of 10
1985 Eileen Kernaghan Songs from the Drowned Land
1982 Phyllis Gotlieb Judgement of Dragons

Ratings for books that don't have a review are based on my memory of the book. The rating may well change if I get a chance to read the book again.

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