Contact Information

There are two types of people — those who come into a room and say, "Well, here I am!" and those who come in and say, "Ah, there you are."

— Frederick L. Collins

Like most people in my business, I operate on the ragged edge of having too much information to process. Please expect long delays when trying to get in touch with me; you may be pleasantly surprised, but it's not uncommon for e-mail to go unanswered for months. This doesn't mean that I don't like you or that I'm upset at you, only that I'm busy. I'm trying to get better about giving people at least a response, but I often process e-mail in batch and answer several hundred old messages at once.

If you're able to read this page, you have Internet access. Please use it rather than the telephone. I read e-mail very regularly, even when I'm on vacation, and I read it much more frequently than I listen to my voice mail. The only time I notice I have a voice message at home is when it confuses my TiVo.

I participate in a large number of technical mailing lists and newsgroups, and try to help people who ask questions on them. If you're asking me a technical question and there is a mailing list or newsgroup on the topic, please consider asking your question in public instead. You will likely get better advice, and you won't directly add to my usually large e-mail backlog.

Personal Addresses

I welcome e-mail discussion, including long, extended discussion, of anything I'm interested in, and if it's mentioned in these web pages I'm probably interested in it. You don't need to feel hesitant about sending me e-mail. Just please be aware that I receive a lot of it and it may take me a few weeks (sometimes months) to get to your message.

My primary personal address is For things specific to Debian GNU/Linux, I also use

If you're sending something that you really feel requires encryption, feel free to use PGP. I'm not particularly interested in using PGP for everyday mail, though. My current PGP public key is 0x82004173, a 4096-bit RSA key with subkeys for both signing and encryption. It replaced an older PGP public key, 0x0AFC7476, which was a 1024-bit DSA key. A key transition document is available, signed with both keys.

I previously had a third PGP key, a very old 768-bit RSA key (0x56E8F739) that you will still find on keyservers. I no longer have the passphrase to the private key for this key, and it should be considered revoked.

Administrative Addresses

If you're writing about some more general issue or concerning some project I'm involved in, you probably don't want to send me personal e-mail. Instead, use one of the addresses below. Note that these addresses are slightly munged, in the hope that this will slightly discourage spam crawlers and make people think before using them.

usenet-config <at>

For questions about or submissions for the control.ctl file, the similar file included in INN, the control message archive, or the active and newsgroup files maintained on Please read the config and archive README files before sending mail.

racc-request <at>

For questions related to rec.arts.comics.creative. This address will reach all of the group moderators.

rgra-request <at>

For questions related to Should there ever be moderators of that group other than myself, this address will reach all of us.

news-lists-request <at>

For questions related to news.lists.misc. This address will reach all the moderators for the group (I'm not the primary moderator).

For questions or comments about INN, please use one of the INN mailing lists or post your message to That way, you'll reach other interested people as well as myself and possibly spark further discussion.

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