Basic IPv6 on Solaris

For testing INN, I needed to get IPv6 working on a Solaris 8 system that wasn't actually connected to any sort of IPv6 network. I just needed IPv6 working on the loopback interface, and didn't want to go through the full IPv6 configuration. This turned out to be very simple once I figured it out, but for some reason I had a horrible time finding the details that I needed.

Running the following commands as root got the IPv6 loopback interface up enough to do testing:

    ifconfig lo0 inet6 plumb
    route add -inet6 ::1/128 localhost
    ifconfig lo0 inet6 up

You can test this by using telnet. Try running:

    /usr/bin/telnet ::1 99999

You should get a connection refused error (since inetd isn't listening to the new IPv6 address) rather than some other error about having no route to the host or an inability to assign an address.

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