DocKnot 6.00

DocKnot is my static site generator and software release management toolkit. It's what generates all of what you're reading.

DocKnot has always supported pointing to external files from inside its input tree and converting those files to HTML. This is how I include HTML conversions of POD documentation, CVS logs, text files, and other things in my web pages. This release starts the migration from an ad hoc text format for these pointers to YAML, which will permit a much richer configuration and a consistent format and extension for those external pointers.

As the first supported format, DocKnot now supports Markdown conversion (using pandoc). POD conversion is also now supported via both the new pointer file syntax and the old one, but the latter is deprecated and will be removed in a later release.

This release also includes some internal reorganization, a fix for RSS output on systems where the locale isn't set to English, and support for cutting releases from a main branch instead of a master branch.

You can get the latest version from CPAN or the DocKnot distribution page.

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