Pod::Thread 2.00

I am slowly working towards collecting twenty years of static web site generation and release management tools into DocKnot. Pod::Thread is the component that turns POD documentation into HTML by converting it to thread, the macro language that is the backbone of my static site generator, and then letting spin turn the results into HTML.

I wrote this module years ago and have had it around as a private Perl module, but since the version of DocKnot that incorporates spin will have it as a dependency, it seemed time to publicly release it.

Compared to the last released version in 2013, it also has a few bug fixes and improvements. The module now internally handles the navbar and table of contents generation (by deferring output) rather than using a pre-scanning pass in the driver script, and fixes the title casing of DB_CONFIG in the output from one INN manual page. I also did a lot of modernization and improvements to the test suite.

You can get the latest version from CPAN or the Pod::Thread distribution page.

Posted: 2021-03-28 09:21 — Why no comments?

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