rra-c-util 8.2

This release of my general utility libraries and support code includes a large grab bag of fixes and improvements.

portable/system.h now defines explicit_bzero in terms of memset if it is not available. The memset version is unlikely to have the same security properties since the compiler may optimize it away, but that allows me to use explicit_bzero to erase security data where it is available.

For packages with Kerberos tests, generating a test krb5.conf file now works properly even if the system krb5.conf file does not set a default realm, and a krb5.conf file dropped into the test configuration directory now works properly. Thanks to Jeffrey Hutzelman for the latter fix.

For packages with PAM modules, the ENTRY and EXIT logging macros can now be used like function calls, and portable/pam.h now defines PAM_MAX_RESP_SIZE if it isn't defined.

Header ordering in some of the portability socket code has been restored to compatibility with a few ancient UNIX systems. This was accidentally broken by the clang-format reformatting. Thanks to Julien √ČLIE for the fix.

A few bugs in the test for SPDX license identifiers have been fixed.

Finally, this release fixes warnings with Clang 10 and GCC 10.

You can get the latest release from the rra-c-util distribution page.

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