podlators 4.13

podlators provides the utilities to convert Perl's POD documentation syntax to text and man pages.

In this release, I finally dropped support for Perl 5.6. Even CPAN testers have stopped testing this old of a version, and it isn't available on Travis-CI, which means that support may well regress without me knowing about it. It felt like time.

I considered bumping the required version high enough that I could use a few new features (use parent and the version argument to package), but I decided to be conservative since CPAN testers are still actively testing Perl 5.8, so I only bumped the required version to 5.8.

I also finally tracked down the weird inconsistencies in S<> handling with Pod::Text, which turned out to be due to Unicode strings changing the meaning of \s in regexes. This should now be consistent regardless of the input character set.

Finally, this release changes some Pod::Text::Termcap behavior. Zenin pointed out that it doesn't make sense to assume ECMA-048 escape sequences if Term::Cap doesn't provide escape sequences for one of the types of formatting that we want to do, so this release gets rid of the fallbacks if Term::Cap doesn't have relevant information. It also removes a workaround for problems on ancient Solaris systems that led the module to set the TERMPATH environment variable globally, which is poor behavior for a module.

You can get the latest release from CPAN or from the podlators distribution page.

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