Slightly excessive haul

Okay, yes, I've been buying a lot of books. I seem to be ensuring the rate of acquisition outpaces the rate of consumption even though I've gotten back into reading daily on the train. Well, also, Diane Duane had a crisis and therefore a book sale, so I picked up a whole pile of stuff that I don't have an immediate intention to read.

I still have three written but not yet posted reviews to go through, which are waiting on me finding time to do some editing, and another finished book to review. I'm finishing more non-fiction lately than fiction, possibly due to a less-than-ideal choice of the fiction book for my mood.

The problem with non-fiction is that non-fiction authors keep recommending other interesting-sounding books to read!

Ilona Andrews — On the Edge (sff)
Catherine Asaro (ed.) — Irresistible Forces (sff anthology)
Isaac Asimov (ed.) — The New Hugo Winners (sff anthology)
Fredrik Backman — Beartown (mainstream)
Steven Brust — Good Guys (sff)
Steven Brust & Skyler White — The Skill of Our Hands (sff)
Jo Clayton — Skeen's Leap (sff)
Jo Clayton — Skeen's Return (sff)
Jo Clayton — Skeen's Search (sff)
Diane Duane — So You Want to Be a Wizard (sff)
Diane Duane — Deep Wizardry (sff)
Diane Duane — High Wizardry (sff)
Diane Duane — A Wizard Abroad (sff)
Diane Duane — The Wizard's Dilemma (sff)
Diane Duane — A Wizard Alone (sff)
Diane Duane — Wizard's Holiday (sff)
Diane Duane — Wizards at War (sff)
Diane Duane — A Wizard of Mars (sff)
Diane Duane — Tale of the Five (sff)
Diane Duane — The Big Meow (sff)
Charles Duhigg — The Power of Habit (nonfiction)
Max Gladstone — Four Roads Cross (sff)
Max Gladstone — The Ruin of Angels (sff)
Alison Green — Ask a Manager (nonfiction)
Nicola Griffith — So Lucky (mainstream)
Dorothy J. Heydt — The Witch of Syracuse (sff)
N.K. Jemisin — The Awakened Kingdom (sff)
Richard Kadrey — From Myst to Riven (nonfiction)
T. Kingfisher — The Wonder Engine (sff)
Ilana C. Myer — Last Song Before Night (sff)
Cal Newport — Deep Work (nonfiction)
Cal Newport — So Good They Can't Ignore You (nonfiction)
Emilie Richards — When We Were Sisters (mainstream)
Graydon Saunders — The Human Dress (sff)
Bruce Schneier — Data and Goliath (nonfiction)
Brigid Schulte — Overwhelmed (nonfiction)
Rivers Solomon — An Unkindness of Ghosts (sff)
Douglas Stone & Sheila Heen — Thanks for the Feedback (nonfiction)
Jodi Taylor — Just One Damned Thing After Another (sff)
Catherynne M. Valente — Space Opera (sff)


You'll notice a few in here that I've already read and reviewed.

The anthologies, the Backman, and a few others are physical books my parents were getting rid of.

So much good stuff in there I really want to read! And of course I've now started various other personal projects that don't involve spending all of my evenings and weekends reading.

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