podlators 4.11

podlators is the CPAN distribution that contains Pod::Man, Pod::Text, and its subclasses, used for rendering Perl documentation as man pages or text files. It's been part of Perl core for a very long time.

This release cleans up a bunch of long-standing bugs in Pod::Text and its subclasses thanks to a series of excellent bug reports from eponymous alias. The default value of the sentence option was documented incorrectly, the width option was ignored in Pod::Text::Termcap, that module also worked incorrectly when COLUMNS wasn't set in the environment, and both Pod::Text::Termcap and Pod::Text::Color had various problems with wrapping that are now fixed. Long =item text was miswrapped due to an incorrect length calculation, and text attributes are now cleared at the end of each line and then reapplied to work better with common pagers.

In addition, the none value for the errors option of Pod::Man and Pod::Text now works correctly, thanks to a bug report from Olly Betts.

You can get the latest version from the podlators distribution page.

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