rra-c-util 7.1

This is my collection of portability libraries and test suite support for my C projects.

The big news in this release was already discussed in the corresponding C TAP Harness release: much better support for valgrind checking. Not only has valgrind been enabled in this package to check the portability and utility layers, but the TAP helper library has been updated to support spawning remctld with valgrind for remctl tests. (The primary consumer of this support will be the remctl package, of course.) This release also includes a valgrind/logs check that is meant to run last in a test list and scans a directory of valgrind logs, reporting test failures for any that contain valgrind errors. If the test suite isn't run under valgrind, this test is just skipped.

Some other fixes in this release:

This release also contains a few other, more minor fixes, and switches the license of all of my public domain source files to the FSF all-permissive license in the name of standardizing on licenses registered with the SPDX project and vetted by actual lawyers.

You can get the latest release from the rra-c-util distribution page.

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