DocKnot 1.05

DocKnot is the program that generates the top-level web pages and README files for my software packages (and eventually should take over generation of the LICENSE files, doing release management, and may eventually incorporate the tools for the macro language I use to generate my web pages).

For this release, I did a bit more research about the little badges that people have started displaying in their README files on GitHub and in a few other places (Rust's, for instance). DocKnot can now generate the Travis-CI badges, and also uses for CPAN badges for things I upload to CPAN. I will probably add more as I work on other packages that have meaningful badges.

This release also moves the documentation of environment variables to set to enable more parts of the test suite to the testing section of README files. I have no idea why I put that in the requirements section originally; this should make more sense.

There are a few additions to support generating web pages for remctl, which previously wasn't using DocKnot, and a bug fix for README generation when there are additional bootstrapping instructions. (Previous versions miswrapped the resulting paragraph.)

DocKnot now requires Perl 5.24 or later, since right now I'm the only user and don't need to support anything older than Debian stable, and that way I can start using the neat new $ref->@* Perl syntax instead of the much noisier @{$ref} syntax.

You can get the latest release from the DocKnot distribution page.

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