Term::ANSIColor 4.05

This Perl (core) module provides a variety of functions and tools for manipulating ANSI color and text style escape sequences.

The primary change in this release is a few internal tweaks to reduce memory usage, which apparently had ballooned by 70% since Perl 5.14. Unfortunately, that also meant dropping support for non-ASCII characters in color aliases, which I think previously would have theoretically worked (not that it was ever documented or tested). I have mixed feelings, but since the memory usage was reported as a bug (and this is the sort of module that one might legitimately want to use in some space-constrainted situations as part of core), and no one ever mentioned non-ASCII color aliases, I decided to apply this patch. Yell at me if this broke something.

I also cleaned up the metadata management following all the work that others helped me with for podlators.

You can get the latest release from the Term::ANSIColor distribution page.

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