rra-c-util 5.10

Despite the name of the package, most of the changes in this release are actually to the Perl test infrastructure.

I decided to finally standardize the versions of the modules embedded in wallet, but discovered the need to add an exclusion list so that I don't have to change the version of the schema module. (That currently drives database schema upgrades.) While doing that, I rediscovered that I have two versions of the module version check that shared a ton of code, so they've now been refactored into a module (and then debugged again, since I broke various things about the Automake integration).

This release also fixes use of UNIX-specific path delimiters in my standard Perl docs/synopsis.t test, which fixed some failing tests in podlators.

I would have been done with this somewhat sooner, but the Travis-CI tests for rra-c-util started failing in the IPv6 server test, and it took a lot of debugging to figure out why. It turned out that the environment allows creation of IPv6 sockets but not connecting to them, and my test for whether IPv6 was working didn't account for that. Now it does, so those tests are properly skipped when IPv6 is half-configured.

You can get the latest version from the rra-c-util distribution page.

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