git-pbuilder 1.39

This update isn't anything particularly exciting, just some more documentation improvements (gbp buildpackage is now the standard invocation instead of git-buildpackage), so instead you get some explanation of this flurry of little software releases.

Since the huge transition a year and a half ago, I've been doing lots of adjustment to a different employer, a different commute, a different schedule, different types of work (which has changed several times), different management chains (which have changed even more), and the political and social environment at a new place. Oh, and then moving for the first time in about fifteen years.

All of that has meant a lot of distraction and disruption, and that, in turn, really torpedoed my free software work for a while. The silver lining is that it also gave me some distance from all the things I was working on, and an opportunity to think harder about what I want to do and how I want to allocate time.

So, I did a bit of a prioritization exercise (although I should do a few more), thought about what I really wanted to focus on, and have been putting some more effort into making time for free software work, community things, and similar work that I'd been letting slip. I'm also doing less of a few things, particularly trying to stay up on random email (so expect me to not be as good of a correspondant), just because there aren't enough hours in the day.

Anyway, hence the flurry. Not making any committments, as committment stress is something else I'm getting away from, but it was a fun and productive weekend.

You can get the latest version of git-pbuilder from my script distribution page. (Still want to rewrite this in Python at some point.)

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