remctl 3.10

remctl is a simple and secure remote command execution protocol using GSS-API. Essentially, it's the thinnest and simplest possible way to deploy remote network APIs for commands using Kerberos authentication and encryption.

Most of the work in this release is around supporting anonymous authentication for an upcoming project of mine. This included cleaning up ACL handling so that clients that authenticated with anonymous PKINIT didn't count as ANYUSER (it's not likely this would have been a security problem for existing users, since you would have had to enable anonymous service tickets in your KDC), and adding new anyuser:auth and anyuser:anonymous ACLs that are explicit about whether anonymous users are included.

With this change, it's possible, using a KDC with anonymous service tickets enabled, to use anonymous PKINIT to make entirely unauthenticated remctl calls. I plan on using this with wallet to support initial system key bootstrapping using external validation of whether a system is currently allowed to bootstrap keys. Note that you need to be very careful when enabling anonymous service tickets, since many other Kerberos applications (including remctl prior to this release) assume that any client that can get a service ticket is in some way authenticated.

Also new in this release, the server now sets the REMOTE_EXPIRES environment variable to the time when the authenticated remote session will expire. This is usually th expiration time of the user's credentials. I'm planning on using this as part of a better kx509 replacement to issue temporary X.509 certificates from Kerberos tickets, limited in lifetime to the lifetime of the Kerberos ticket.

This release also includes some portability fixes, a bug fix for the localgroup ACL for users who are members of lots of local groups, and some (mildly backwards-incompatible) fixes for the Python RemctlError exception class.

You can get the latest release from the remctl distribution page.

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