Another book haul

Someday there will be reviews. Also, software releases. But these posts are much easier to write in the evening when my brain is fried. Also, the anticipation of reading good books is delightful. The motivating reason for this order was that Powell's was giving away $10 gift cards with an order, so I bought books to buy more books later.

Iain M. Banks — Feersum Endjinn (sff)
Jacqueline Carey — Autumn Bones (sff)
Robert Caro — The Path to Power (non-fiction)
Keith Houston — Shady Characters (non-fiction)
Jan Morris — Hav (mainstream)
Arika Okrent — In the Land of Invented Languages (non-fiction)

I've been in a non-fiction mood lately, so lots of random non-fiction here.

The Caro is the first volume of his huge biography of LBJ, which is apparently one of the best biographies ever written. The other non-fiction is less serious: one about intentionally-created languages, and the other about the history of punctuation characters. Hav is a travel book about a city that doesn't actually exist, so it fits somewhat with the non-fiction theme.

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